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eConveyancer Partners With Connect | Great News For The Mortgage Network

eConveyancer Partners With Connect

eConveyancer partners with Connect


eConveyancer recently initiated a strategic collaboration in panel management with Connect IFA and Connect for Intermediaries. Established in 1998, Connect provides a comprehensive suite of specialized Second Chargemortgage services tailored for intermediaries.

In a significant move in March 2022, Connect secured a substantial investment from Mortgage and Surveying Services (MSS), which was reported in this article, Mortgage Network UK | Great News: MSS Secures Significant Stake in Connect IFA.  This further solidifies Connect’s position in the market. The company boasts a network of over 300 Appointed Representative (AR) advisers, a figure anticipated to grow in the upcoming months.

This partnership brings forth many advantages for all brokers and Appointed Representative (AR) firms associated with Connect. They will now have privileged access to eConveyancer’s panel, comprising more than 70 meticulously audited and benchmarked conveyancing firms. Additionally, they can leverage various perks offered by eConveyancer’s feature-rich platform.

Among the noteworthy features is DigitalMove, which facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders in the home buying and selling process. This digital journey enhances communication and expedites transaction times significantly. Furthermore, the collaboration includes Rapid Remortgage, a specialised service streamlining the remortgaging process to match the speed and convenience of a product transfer.

As Connect continues to evolve, this partnership is poised to bring added value and efficiency to its network of brokers and Appointed Representative (AR) firms.

eConveyancer Partners With Connect | Great News For The Mortgage Network

Karen Rodrigues
Karen Rodrigues, Director of Sales at eConveyancer

Karen Rodrigues (pictured), director of sales at eConveyancer, said: “This new partnership will provide Connect’s brokers and AR firms access to a panel of conveyancers that is continually monitored and managed to maintain the best possible service standards.

“In addition, eConveyancer features cutting-edge technology and features like DigitalMove and Rapid Remortgage.

“We continue to invest in developing this technology to enhance the experience of buying, selling and owning a property for all stakeholders, and this provides ongoing benefits for all of our partners.”

Jane Benjamin
Jane Benjamin, Director of Mortgage at Connect

Jane Benjamin, director of mortgages at Connect IFA, said: “Connect for Intermediaries and Connect Mortgages are rapidly expanding businesses, and we constantly aim to be at the forefront of opportunity and choice for our advisers whilst using the best solutions in the market at any time to help them to provide the best advice possible most efficiently.

“Working with more than 170 lenders, our advisers are experts in their customer markets, so this partnership aligns with conveyancers based on price, service and location to ensure our customers experience a first-class conveyancing service while delivering an additional income stream for our advisers.”

eConveyancer partners with Connect as a vital component of Connect for Intermediaries’ ongoing efforts to enhance the mortgage network’s experience and maximize the success of its members. The strategic partnership between eConveyancer and Connect underscores a commitment to providing the network with every advantage for a prosperous tenure.

This collaboration reflects Connect for Intermediaries’ dedication to ensuring the utmost success and benefits for mortgage professionals within the network.

We’ve come to the end of our company news on “eConveyancer Partners With Connect | Great News For The Mortgage Network.”  Until next time, stay Connect!

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