Offset mortgages Good Practice Guide

How offset mortgages can enable clients to take control of their mortgage and make their savings work harder, by using them to reduce their outstanding debt. An offset mortgage puts your client in control of their homeloan. It links their savings account to their mortgage account. This enables them to effectively overpay their mortgage without losing access to their money. By doing so, they can either reduce their ongoing monthly repayments or cut their mortgage term…

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We took the opportunity to chat to Emma Green, Head of sales at Paymentshield about their latest developments to support mortgage advisers during these uncertain times.
It’s been 3 months since the start of lockdown what are the things that have impacted on Paymentshield and the home insurance market? Well, three impacts from lockdown for me would be…

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Kensington Mortgage and Property Report

In this issue, we look at how the wider mortgage market has fared through the COVID-19 crisis. We examine how new lending has been impacted and what the recovery might look like, as well as what the changes in the industry, both temporary and permanent, mean for lenders and customers and the future of the sector.

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