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Elevate Your Mortgage Advising Career with Connect Mortgage Network

Welcome to Connect Mortgage Network, the premier destination for UK mortgage advisers seeking to revolutionise their career. Whether you’re looking to shift from your current network, leave an employed role to start your own business or are new to the industry, our network offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and success.

Unmatched Training for Mortgage Advisers

Our network stands out with its comprehensive and continuous training programs. From live induction training covering crucial aspects like fraud, money laundering, and data protection to in-depth product training and live sales and marketing workshops, we provide all the tools you need to excel.


Enhance your skills with regular training opportunities, also available to help you grow your own team.


Stay ahead with our on-demand Learning Management System.


Benefit from 1:1 training and coaching tailored to your needs.


Choose from fast-track assessments for experienced advisers or detailed knowledge-building sessions to learn new skills.

A Wide Array of Mortgage Products at Your Fingertips

As a member of Connect Mortgage Network, you’ll have access to a vast selection of mortgage products to offer your clients, ensuring you can meet a wide range of needs and preferences. Our comprehensive product range includes:


Tailored options for homeowners.


Ideal solutions for property investors.


Trading and Investment business properties.


Quick financing for short-term needs.


Additional borrowing options.


Unlocking capital from property.


Catering to a global clientele.


Our comprehensive panel of insurers ensures all types of protection needs are covered, providing your clients with peace of mind and security.

Robust Compliance Support for Advisers

In the ever-evolving landscape of mortgage advising, staying compliant is crucial. Connect Mortgage Network ensures that you’re always ahead of the curve.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Coverage: From FCA application fees to annual assessments, we’ve got you covered as this is all included in our fees.
  • Real-Time Compliance Tools: With checks built into our CRM system and ongoing supervision, you’re always in safe hands.

State-of-the-Art Research Systems

Access our advanced mortgage research systems and tools to provide top-tier service to your clients.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Coverage: From FCA application fees to annual assessments, we’ve got you covered as this is all included in our fees.
  • Real-Time Compliance Tools: With checks built into our CRM system and ongoing supervision, you’re always in safe hands.

Integrated CRM for Efficient Management

Our fully integrated CRM system is designed to streamline your workflow, making client management effortless and efficient.

  • Full Integration: From online fact-finding, built-in suitability letters, text and email sending, e-sign templates and tracking commissions, our CRM integrates all essential functions.
  • Enhanced Client Interaction: Built-in communication tools ensure seamless interaction with clients.
  • Additional functions: Access other time-saving tools like credit checks, valuations and referrals, all at the touch of a button.

Unparalleled Support and Resources

At Connect Mortgage Network, support is always at hand. Our face-to-face business development support, cloud storage solutions, and dedicated Member Support team are there to guide you every step of the way. We also have an experienced and dedicated Case Management team available on demand, offering a cost effective solution for the administration of your applications.

Lucrative Referral Program

Maximise your earnings with our referral program for any products you do not have the qualification or time to assist. Refer clients with ease to our internal experts and track your client’s progress through our CRM system.

Join Connect Mortgage Network Today

Ready to take your mortgage advising career to new heights? Join Connect Mortgage Network today and experience a partnership that offers comprehensive training, robust compliance, advanced research tools, and unparalleled support.

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Learn more about how we can help you excel in your career and stay ahead in the competitive world of mortgage advising.

Want to know more?

So, why join Connect Network?

  1. Network support tailored to the adviser’s needs.
  2. Enables you to provide your clients with advice across all mainstream and specialist product areas including 2nd charges, commercial, business loans, equity release and bridging.
  3. Lender panel of +200 specialist and mainstream lenders and providers.
  4. Unsecured Business Loan panel including CBILS options.
  5. Bespoke versions of market-leading sourcing and criteria tools.
  6. Dedicated placement helpdesk, helping you get to the right lender for your client.
  7. A dedicated case management team, helping you with application submissions and case progression.
  8. Speed of authorisation, when compared with applying directly to the FCA.
  9. Your own FCA number with responsibility for compliance and risk management taken care of for by the Network.
  10. Training and support to develop your skills to help more clients including masterclasses, virtual training and our learning management system.
  11. Connect Academy to help you to develop your own knowledge or grow your business.
  12. Low costs and tailored solutions, select and pay only for the permissions you require.
  13. All FCA costs included in monthly membership fees, which start from just £25 per month.
  14. Market-leading commissions and access to exclusive lenders and products.
  15. Support with case submissions and processing.
  16. White label forms, tools and marketing materials available via our online document store.
  • Mainstream and specialist
  • 200+ lender and provider panel
  • Network with choice of permissions
  • Academy offering
  • In-house developed learning management system
  • Dual representation offering
  • Centralised administration offering
  • Internal packaging and referral services
  • Bespoke CRM system with integrations
  • In-house referral options to other specialists

Starting a New Mortgage Business and Want to Get Authorised?

Why Join Connect Network? Joining Connect Network instead of applying directly to the FCA means you can start your new mortgage business in weeks rather than months. Read the comparison below for the advantages of being part of the Connect Network as opposed to applying directly to the FCA:

Connect or Direct?

Important Note

Why Join Connect Network: Irrespective of the FCA regulatory position of the above products, lenders often apply their own interpretation in relation to the permissions they require an adviser to have to transact with them. For example, currently, a substantial number of the BTL lenders require an adviser to have a Regulated Mortgage Permission to transact Buy to Let business.

Obtaining ALL the permissions is the only way that you will be able to offer a whole of market advice service.

Connect’s Appointed Representatives have access to +170 lenders and a large array of support services and tools dedicated to the needs of the specialist adviser. More.

If you are a Directly Authorised Adviser or obtain your permission to trade through another Network, you can still tap into Connect’s specialist knowledge, lender relationships and exclusive products by using us to package your client’s applications for you. More.​

If you do not have the required permissions, expertise or time, you can instead use Connect’s referral service. We will take the responsibility of giving the client advice on the most appropriate solution for their needs while keeping you informed of the progress. More.​