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Connect Network

Connect's Network is a unique Network dedicated to the needs of both mainstream mortgage advisers and advisers who work predominantly in the specialist markets. When you join the Connect Network, you benefit from a panel of over 155 lenders across the mainstream and specialist markets. For advisers new to the mortgage market, we offer full training and support via our Connect Academy More

Packaging Service

We package and distribute products from over 55 lenders and also offer a whole of market placement service. If you are a Directly Authorised Adviser or obtain your permission to trade through another Network you can still tap into Connect's specialist knowledge, lender relationships and exclusive products by using us to package your client's applications for you. More.

Referral Service

If you do not have the required permissions, expertise or time, you can instead use Connect's referral service. We will take the responsibility of giving the client advice on the most appropriate solution for their needs, while keeping you informed on how their application is progressing. More.

“..Connect for Intermediaries is a forward-thinking network and it is clear to see how it is achieving such rapid growth. It is refreshing to see a network that so clearly prioritises the success of its AR members and we welcome each of them to FIBA..”
Executive Chairman of FIBA
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