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Development finance

Development Loan

Development Loan | Exclusive: UTB 70% LTGDV Funding For £5m Development | Uncovered

United Trust Bank (UTB) has agreed to fund the £5m regeneration of a city centre brownfield site being completed by successful regional house builder Factory Estates. The Cambridge development, known as The Gateway, comprises 13 new apartments in a 5-storey building with ground floor commercial space.

Developments and Refurbishment

Developments and Refurbishment | How landlords Are Using These To Drive Portfolio Growth | 2019

From home-buyers to landlords, in the current market it may be more difficult for your clients to access high worth mortgages, especially if they need a high LTV. 

Whether they’re applying for a residential or buy to let mortgage, if they can’t easily prove their ability to repay significant amounts of money each month, they may not be able to get the loan amount they need. Some lenders could be particularly cautious about lending large sums at a higher LTV, even on an investment as reliable as a property.

Developers and House Builders

Developers and House Builders | A Unquestionable Growing Market Uncovered | 2017

As awareness grows over the need to reduce carbon emissions, along with the reduction in the number of airlines operating after the Covid-19 crisis, holiday patterns are changing.
According to VisitBritain, domestic breaks already account for almost 80% of tourism in the UK, with about £72bn spent annually by ‘staycationers’ in England alone. 35 million overnight holidays were taken between July 2018 and July 2019, up 2% on the previous twelve months. Coronavirus is likely to mean that many more people will take their holidays in Britain this year, and in the years to come