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Why Brokers Should Be Hosting Webinars | A Connect Network

Why brokers should be hosting webinars

Why brokers should be hosting webinars


Have you participated in an online webinar recently? Research suggests that you have, and the trend of increased participation is expected to continue.

A webinar is essentially a digital presentation or lecture on a specific subject. It is typically conducted in real-time and allows participants to engage by posing questions at the conclusion. Now, the question arises: Why should brokers embrace the webinar phenomenon?

Furthermore, webinars can offer brokers an invaluable opportunity to connect with their audience, share insights, and foster a more interactive and engaging learning experience. So, what makes webinars a game-changer for brokers, and how can they leverage this powerful tool to enhance their professional outreach? Let’s explore.

Why brokers should be hosting webinars | Affordable

Organising live events often comes with a hefty price tag. However, the expenses associated with attending such events can also add up quickly. Opting for webinars provides a cost-effective alternative, allowing you to achieve comparable results in lead generation or client engagement without the financial burden of hosting an in-person event.

In addition to the immediate event costs like food, venue, staffing, and marketing collateral, webinars offer the added advantage of being more time-efficient. Hosting a webinar typically requires only about an hour of your time, and the preparation leading up to it can be more streamlined and less time-consuming than the extensive planning required for live events.

Furthermore, webinars’ simplicity can extend beyond the financial and time savings. By allowing a broader audience to be reached online, webinars enhance accessibility and participation, contributing to a more inclusive and impactful event.

Why brokers should be hosting webinars | Easy

In the current era of widespread digital work adoption, the availability of webinar platforms has reached unprecedented levels. Likely, you’re already utilising one.

webinarPlatforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, popular for video conferencing, serve as excellent choices for hosting webinars. Given the prevalence of these tools in many businesses, the technical setup is not only straightforward but also budget-friendly. Elevate the professionalism of your webinar by implementing additional features and enhancements.

Try these tips:

  • Use well-designed, engaging slides
  • Practice ahead of time
  • Have a clear, distraction-free background
  • Use headphones and a mic if possible
  • Pay attention to lighting – natural light is the most flattering (and it’s free!)

Why brokers should be hosting webinars | Deliver better value

In business, sustained success hinges on providing unique value. This can manifest in various ways, but the crucial aspect is customisation for specific target audiences. Offering value to potential clients to capture their interest and to existing clients to maintain satisfaction and increase the likelihood of them recommending your services is essential.

Embracing webinars can be a valuable addition to your strategy. They are a powerful tool to convey meaningful and detailed content in a format that is easy for your audience to grasp.

Moreover, diversifying your approach to value delivery can set you apart in a crowded market. Consider exploring innovative ways to engage with your audience and consistently provide solutions that resonate with their needs. This will enhance your brand reputation and foster lasting relationships with your clientele.

Why brokers should be hosting webinars | Establish authority in the sector

Organising webinars provides an excellent opportunity to position your business as an expert and influential figure in the mortgage industry. By delivering valuable insights to your audience, including clients and potential clients, you not only showcase your expertise but can also bring in industry leaders to share their knowledge.

This approach enhances your visibility and solidifies your business as an informed and actively engaged authority. To further establish yourself as a leader, consider participating as a guest speaker for other businesses. This broadens your influence and introduces you to a fresh pool of potential leads. Additionally, these guest appearances can serve as a valuable testing ground for the webinar format before you decide to host your own.

Why brokers should be hosting webinars | Generate new leads

Transforming your webinar into a potent lead-generation instrument is a smart move. Craft webinars around subjects that resonate with your target audience. When setting up the webinar registration, ensure the form captures all essential information to classify attendees as leads.

By implementing these strategies, every registrant becomes a valuable lead—someone with a confirmed interest and reachable. This approach is highly effective in generating leads with genuine interest. Remarkably, this year has witnessed a significant surge in webinar attendance rates, making it an opportune time to leverage this strategy for your business.

Why brokers should be hosting webinars | Gain audience insight

The Q&A segment after webinars adds significant value for participants. Engaging with an expert directly and receiving answers to their queries enhances the overall webinar experience. However, the benefits are not unidirectional.

When conducting a webinar, pay close attention to the questions raised by your audience, especially recurring ones. These frequently asked questions serve as valuable insights for crafting future content. By addressing topics of genuine interest to your audience, you enhance the webinar experience and identify potential subjects for your next engaging session.

Why brokers should be hosting webinars |  Reusable

A significant advantage of webinars is their reusability, offering many content creation opportunities from a single recording. Beyond hosting the webinar video on your website, you can leverage it for ongoing lead generation by providing access to those who sign up post-broadcast.

Diversifying your content strategy becomes seamless as you break down the webinar into bite-sized segments for social media or email distribution. Additionally, repurposing the webinar’s content into a series of Connect for Intermediariesengaging blog posts or a downloadable guide amplifies its impact.

The versatility of webinars extends far beyond these suggestions, making them a crucial element for brokers to integrate into their current marketing strategies. The ability to repurpose valuable content ensures a sustained and impactful presence in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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