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Trainee Brokers | Exclusive: Jubilant Connect Launches Academy For Trainee Brokers | 2019

Trainee Brokers

Trainee brokers

Liz Syms

Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect


Launching its inaugural training initiative, Connect for Intermediaries introduces its first-ever academy, “trainee brokers”, for aspiring mortgage brokers, aiming to usher fresh talent into the specialised mortgage sector.

The program, unveiled at the previous year’s close, extends its invitation to brokers rejoining the field after a hiatus and to accountants, estate or letting agents, and individuals well-versed in property matters seeking a transition into advisory roles.

In an inclusive approach, the initiative also welcomes existing members of Connect’s network eager to expand their enterprises by onboarding trainees or other new team members.

While a substantial part of the specialised market lacks a regulatory mandate for mortgage qualifications or proof of competent adviser status, numerous lenders remain hesitant to consider applications from non-regulated advisers or those operating outside a regulated framework.

Emphasising the importance of bridging the expertise gap in the mortgage industry, Connect for Intermediaries’ academy aims to enrich the talent pool and foster growth opportunities for seasoned professionals and those venturing into the advisory realm.

The initiative represents a strategic move to create a more robust and dynamic landscape within the specialised mortgage sector, capitalising on its participants’ diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Trainee brokers | What will the course cover?

Delve into a multifaceted training experience designed to equip mortgage advisers with essential skills and knowledge. This course covers fundamental compliance training, encompassing crucial topics such as money laundering, data protection, and the equitable treatment of customers. Additionally, participants will gain specialised insights into intricate areas, including calculating BTL rental affordability, HMO and multi-unit properties, bridging finance, and commercial and business funding.

Navigate the complexities of market research by understanding credit files, deciphering accounts, and analysing complex income structures. Learn to effectively employ various research tools, present solutions, and close sales. The curriculum extends beyond advising delving into lead generation through social media, email marketing, advertising, and referral strategies.

Connect For IntermediariesThe course also offers a comprehensive guide to the application process, encompassing risk checks, adherence to the highest documentation standards, and maintaining exceptional customer service.

Following completion, ongoing training and mentorship are provided, with continued access to the Connect for Intermediaries team to support candidates in achieving competent adviser status.

Connect for Intermediaries CEO Liz Syms emphasised the urgent need to introduce new advisers to the mortgage market and continually enhance standards in the specialist mortgage sector.

Even individuals with existing mortgage qualifications can benefit from the extensive knowledge required to navigate the intricacies of researching the specialist market and providing expert advice.

The inaugural course, currently hosting eight participants, marks the beginning of an ambitious series, with seven additional courses planned throughout the year. The next trainee brokers session is scheduled for May, offering prospective mortgage advisers ample opportunities to engage in this enriching educational initiative.

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