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Right to Buy | Bluestone Launching New Right To Buy Products | 2021

Right to Buy

Right to Buy


Bluestone, always at the forefront of innovation in the financial industry, is set to make waves with its latest changes.
The specialised mortgage company introduces Right to Buy mortgages available exclusively through selected packagers. This strategic move showcases Bluestone’s commitment to adapting to evolving market needs and reflects its dedication to providing tailored solutions for aspiring homeowners.

With a reputation for excellence and a finger on the industry’s pulse, Bluestone continues redefining possibilities in the finance world.

Let’s hear what the lender had to say

Reece Beddal
Reece Beddal, Sales & Marketing director at Bluestone

Bluestone sales and marketing director Reece Beddall says: “For too long, a large cohort of customers have been excluded by mainstream lenders.
“We believe it’s our moral duty to help those traditionally underserved climb onto the property ladder, allowing them to achieve their homeownership dreams.”

Early last month, Bluestone relaunched its Help to Buy mortgage range, making it available to the whole of market.
Bluestone has made some exciting changes, and they are launching Right to Buy products via selected packagers today.



Here’s a quick summary of our features:

  • Available on their residential 5-year fixed rate range
  • Ability to lend 100% of discounted purchase price, up to a maximum of 75% of open market value
  • Available in conjunction with all standard criteria
  • Right to Buy products accessible via Sapphire packagers

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How does Connect Mortgage network feature in this?

Within the mortgage network landscape, Connect is pivotal in driving the progress of mortgage expertise in the specialist mortgage sector. Our dedication goes beyond traditional mortgage services, as we actively support and facilitate the integration of specialised lending solutions, including those related to the Right to Buy schemes.

Thanks to these distinctive financial products, our advisers discuss with clients the possibility of stepping onto the property ladder through a Right to Buy. Furthermore, we also hold the status of being one of the chosen packagers in this domain.

connect for intermediaries

This is achieved through our lender digital learning program, where participation earns Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credits.

Together, these initiatives provide top-notch advice and service to the client base of our advisers, ensuring that the Right to Buy options are thoroughly understood and integrated into the mortgage expertise landscape.