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Connect Network

Our Specialist Network

The Connect Network stands out as an exclusive mortgage network designed to cater to the requirements of mainstream mortgage advisers as well as those predominantly operating in specialist markets.

Upon becoming a member of the Connect Network, you gain access to an extensive panel of over 170 lenders spanning both mainstream and specialist markets. For advisers who are new to the mortgage sector, we provide comprehensive training and support through our Connect Academy, ensuring a robust foundation for success in the industry.

Our commitment extends beyond mere affiliation, fostering a collaborative environment that empowers advisers to navigate the diverse landscape of mainstream and specialised mortgage markets.

What is a Network?

A Mortgage network is a company that offers comprehensive support to mortgage brokers and advisers. These networks generally provide a variety of services, encompassing:

Access to an extensive panel of lenders
Compliance support
Marketing and training initiatives
Business development assistance

When brokers become part of a mortgage network, they gain access to the network’s wealth of experience and resources. This, in turn, empowers them to expand their business and deliver an enhanced service to their clients.

To be a Mortgage Adviser, you must be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You can obtain this authorisation directly with the FCA, but another way of obtaining the authorisation is to join a Network.

The Network holds the permissions from the FCA and then extends some or all of those permissions to its Members. This means Connect provides its Network Members with their regulatory authorisation to trade as Mortgage Advisers and takes responsibility for ensuring that Members adhere to the FCA requirements.

As a mortgage advisor, you encounter two choices when navigating the market: you can opt to operate independently as a Directly Authorised (DA) advisor, or you can choose to become part of a mortgage network as an Appointed Representative (AR).

Being part of a network equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you every step of the way and deliver optimal outcomes for both you and your clients is undoubtedly advantageous! A key advantage of joining a mortgage network lies in the comprehensive compliance guidance and framework it offers, ensuring adherence to Financial Conduct Authority regulations governing mortgage brokering.


Connect Network
Would you like to discuss the benefits of the Connect Network further? Drop us a line via the contact form, or give us a call us on 01708 676 123.