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Recommend a Mortgage Network | Great News: Connect Becomes First Network To Offer Brokers SmartrFit+ Tool

Recommend a Mortgage Network

Recommend a mortgage network


Connect for Intermediaries has achieved a pioneering milestone by becoming the first network to offer its brokers exclusive entry to Legal and General Mortgage Club’s innovative SmartrFit+ tool. This groundbreaking collaboration marks a significant stride in enhancing the capabilities and resources available to Connect for Intermediaries’ brokers, setting a new standard in the industry.

Integrating Legal and General Mortgage Club’s SmartrFit+ tool empowers brokers within the Connect network with cutting-edge technology designed to streamline and optimise the mortgage journey. This strategic partnership underscores Connect for Intermediaries’ commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and reinforces their dedication to providing unparalleled support and tools to their mortgage network.

As the mortgage landscape continues to evolve, this collaboration positions Connect for Intermediaries as a trailblazer in adopting innovative solutions that benefit their brokers and, ultimately, their clients. The SmartrFit+ tool from Legal and General Mortgage Club is poised to revolutionise how brokers approach mortgages, fostering a more efficient and client-centric experience.

This strategic alliance between Connect for Intermediaries and Legal and General Mortgage Club sets the stage for a new era of possibilities within the mortgage industry, emphasising the importance of collaboration and technological integration to drive positive change. The synergy between these two industry leaders creates a unique advantage for Connect for Intermediaries’ brokers, positioning them as pioneers in leveraging cutting-edge tools to navigate and excel in the dynamic landscape of mortgage brokerage. As the title suggests, recommend a mortgage network; the Connect network should be at the forefront.

Recommend a mortgage network | What is SmartrFit+

Member brokers within the Connect network can now integrate the affordability calculator tool seamlessly onto their websites, benefiting from an exclusive discounted rate. This enhancement, facilitated by SmartrFit+, empowers brokers to furnish their clientele with comprehensive mortgage lending information, thereby aiding them in making well-informed decisions.

By incorporating SmartrFit+ into their online platforms, brokers offer valuable assistance to customers and streamline their workflow. The tool efficiently generates leads, funnelling them directly into the broker’s CRM systems. This expedites the client acquisition process and significantly reduces the time required to dispense advice.

A recent survey conducted by Legal and General Mortgage Club revealed that intermediaries experienced an average time savings of 41 minutes per case through the utilisation of SmartrFit+. When extrapolated over the course of a year, this translates to approximately one entire working month. Furthermore, an overwhelming 89 per cent of surveyed brokers expressed that more efficient processes would afford them the opportunity to provide counsel to a larger client base.

Integrating SmartrFit+ into the Connect network’s offerings presents a practical solution for brokers and underscores the commitment to fostering a more efficient and client-centric mortgage advisory experience. On the grounds that Connect are the first Network to be providing such an important tool, recommend a mortgage network like Connect should roll off the tongue.

Recommend a mortgage network | Connect Network Liz Syms on SmartrFit+

Liz Syms
Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect

Liz Syms (pictured), chief executive of Connect, said: “Legal and General Mortgage Club has used in-depth research to come up with SmartrFit+, which will be hugely valuable to our brokers. In fact, we believe that using SmartrFit+ at such a great price will pay for itself with the money saved from the first client that uses it each month.

“As a rapidly expanding network, we constantly aim to be at the forefront of new technology, using the best solutions in the market at any time to help our brokers provide the best advice possible in the shortest time. For this reason, we want all of our brokers to have access to the SmartrFit+ solution at a completely affordable price, something that no other network is offering yet.

Clare Beardmore
Clare Beardmore, Head of Broker Propositions at Legal and General Mortgage Club

Clare Beardmore, head of broker propositions at Legal and General Mortgage Club, said: “SmartrFit+ is a fantastic resource that can really support brokers in their day-to-day work. The time savings it creates for brokers mean they can spend more time doing what they do best – providing customer advice.

“It is a testament to Liz’s foresight and understanding of the mortgage market that she recognises the advantage that the SmartrFit+ will provide to the Connect network and its members.”

Recommend a mortgage network | When is the right time to join a mortgage network?

When should one consider becoming part of a mortgage network? Determining the optimal moment to join such a network involves carefully considering various factors. Delving into a mortgage network can be a strategic move for professionals in the property and financial sectors. The decision hinges on multiple elements, including market conditions, personal career goals, industry trends and network offerings.

Embarking on the journey of joining a mortgage network is not a one-size-fits-all decision. It necessitates a thorough assessment of the current economic landscape, the state of the property market, individual career aspirations and support and technology provided by the network. Professionals in the field should meticulously weigh the advantages and potential drawbacks of aligning themselves with a mortgage network. Connect For Intermediaries

Moreover, staying informed about emerging trends in the mortgage and housing sectors is crucial. Being attuned to industry developments can provide valuable insights into whether it is an opportune time to integrate into a mortgage network. Networking with peers and industry experts can offer valuable perspectives on the current state of the market and the potential benefits of joining a mortgage network.

Considering the present circumstances and future goals, the decision to join a mortgage network should be approached strategically. By carefully evaluating the ever-changing dynamics of the property and financial sectors, professionals can make informed choices about when to take the plunge into the realm of mortgage networks. Recommend a mortgage network; can you look past Connect Network?

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