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New Recruits | Carlos Thibaut and Liz Syms Appointments

New Recruits


Carlos Thibaut, formerly CEO of 360Dotnet, is now chair of the Society of Mortgage Professionals (SMP). Concurrently, Liz Syms from Connect Group is the new vice chair. These strategic appointments bring seasoned industry leaders into vital roles within the SMP, enhancing the organisation’s mortgage expertise.

Experience and Expertise

Thibaut’s extensive experience and Syms’ expertise from Connect Group are set to benefit the SMP’s goals and initiatives. This leadership change shows a commitment to fostering collaboration and leveraging diverse skills to drive innovation in the mortgage professionals’ community.

A Distinguished Career

Thibaut previously served as group managing director at Lifetime Group for 11 years. He then became chief executive at 360Dotnet, demonstrating versatile leadership skills. In 2019, after a successful four-year term, Thibaut retired, marking a distinguished career in strategic management. His contributions highlight his dedication to excellence in the financial and advisory sectors.

David Thomas
David Thomas, MD of Chadney Bulgin

Reflections from David Thomas

Thomas, joint managing partner at Chadney Bulgin, remarked: “I was honoured to be invited as the inaugural chair of the Society of Mortgage Professionals two years ago. We created a clear structure while navigating a pandemic at the time.

“I’m delighted to pass the chair to Carlos, who I know will advance the society.”

Carlos Thibaut
Carlos Thibaut, Chair of Society of SMP

Thibaut’s Vision

Thibaut responded: “Following David Thomas as chair of the Society of Mortgage Professionals is a considerable challenge but one I look forward to. We play a crucial role in promoting professionalism and advocating for professional advice.

“We have a talented, experienced board, and I am excited about the opportunities ahead for advisers and the society.”

Liz Syms
Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect

Liz Syms’ Commitment

Liz Syms, CEO of Connect Mortgages and Connect for Intermediaries, supports over 250 mortgage advisers in mainstream and specialist markets. Syms stated: “Helping advisers enhance their skills and professionalism while championing the consumer is the key aim of the Society of Mortgage Professionals.

“I am pleased to join the board and, as vice chair, look forward to supporting Carlos in raising the society’s profile.”

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