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Intermediary-Only Specialist Lender | FHL: launches Exciting New Fixed-Rate Green ABC Landlord Products

Intermediary-Only Specialist Lender

Intermediary-only specialist lender


Intermediary-only specialist lender Foundation Home Loans has introduced a new series of fixed-rate products called ‘Green ABC+’ for both buy-to-let and owner-occupied mortgages, exclusively available through intermediaries.

For buy-to-let landlords seeking to purchase or remortgage, a selection of five-year fixed-rate options is now accessible, beginning at 3.14%. These options are applicable up to 75% Loan-to-Value (LTV) and feature a reduced product fee of 0.5%.

Additionally, borrowers can enjoy cashback rewards ranging from £250 to £750, contingent on the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. Early remortgaging is permitted, and the products are open to individual and limited companies as well as portfolio and non-portfolio landlords.

Owner-occupier borrowers looking to buy or remortgage can explore a variety of two-year fixed-rate options with a £595 product fee. These options are available at both 75% and 85% LTV, with rates starting at 3.04% fixed for two years. Like buy-to-let products, cashback incentives between £250 and £750 are offered upon completion, depending on the property’s EPC rating. These owner-occupier products are applicable on a capital and interest-only basis.

Intermediary-only specialist lender Foundation Home Loans emphasises that these products are tailored for individuals interested in acquiring more energy-efficient homes. Moreover, they are designed to encourage borrowers to enhance their properties’ EPC ratings. The lender aims to cater to the growing demand for environmentally conscious mortgage options, providing flexibility and rewards tied to energy performance.

George Gee
George Gee, Commercial Director at Foundation Home Loans

George Gee, (pictured) Commercial Director at Intermediary-only specialist lender Foundation Home Loans, said: “We want to encourage and reward those homeowners and investors who make the conscious choice to buy energy-efficient properties or improve those they own.

“Energy efficiency amongst UK housing stock is only likely to become more central to the Government’s green agenda. As one of the first specialist lenders to enter the ‘Green’ mortgage market, we remain committed to innovating ‘Green’ product options for both landlords and owner-occupier borrowers. This new range offers cashback to help meet the costs of maintaining energy-efficient properties whilst still retaining highly competitive rates and reduced product fees.

“Although the Government regulations currently only affect properties in the private rental sector, our research shows there is a growing demand for ‘Green’ mortgage products amongst owner-occupiers too, and increasing demand from both groups for environmentally-friendly housing stock.” Connect for Intermediaries

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