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Green Products and Growth | Specialised Lender Lendivest Reviewing Buy-to-Let in 2021 & Previewing 2022

Green Products and Growth

Green products and growth


Andy Virgo
Director for BTL, Andy Virgo at LendInvest

Andy Virgo, Buy-to-Let director at LendInvest, takes us on a journey through the past year, highlighting the pivotal moments and accomplishments that have shaped the company’s trajectory, with a keen eye on Green Products and Growth. In a year characterised by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, LendInvest has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, particularly in the context of Green Products and Growth.

Virgo will share insights on how the company has navigated the ever-evolving real estate market, adapting to changing customer needs and market dynamics, all while focusing on the importance of Green Products and Growth.

Furthermore, he will offer a tantalising glimpse into what LendInvest has in store for 2022, hinting at exciting developments, innovative solutions, and strategic initiatives that will continue to set the company apart as a leader in the financial and real estate sectors, with a strong emphasis on Green Products and Growth.

Stay tuned as we explore the past, present, and future of LendInvest in this illuminating conversation with Andy Virgo, discussing the pivotal role of Green Products and Growth.

Reviewing 2021 | What were the market challenges for you and your team?

Starting in another lockdown in January meant we carried many of the challenges from 2020 into this year, with the mental and logistical problems caused by remote working still apparent. The continued isolation and separation from our colleagues, clients, and partners further emphasised the importance of adaptability and resilience.

However, after months of practice, we had gotten used to providing our brokers with the best Buy-to-Let proposition in these circumstances.

Our team’s dedication and determination shone through as we learned to navigate the intricacies of remote collaboration and communication. While being unable to meet with intermediaries for months was a disappointment, we kept connected through virtual (and eventually physical) events and meetings before we could see one another again.

These challenging times tested our bonds and allowed us to develop new, innovative ways of conducting business and maintaining relationships, ultimately strengthening our commitment to delivering top-notch services to our clients.

Green Products and Growth | What were the successes?

Delivering significant growth in the number of products available to landlords has been a pivotal strategy for LendInvest, as it caters to the diverse needs of property investors and fosters healthy competition within the market. This approach has empowered landlords with more options to suit their specific investment goals, whether they are looking for traditional buy-to-let mortgages or exploring innovative financing solutions.

Consequently, by promoting such a diverse array of products, LendInvest has enriched its portfolio and solidified its reputation as a versatile and customer-centric lender.

Additionally, introducing the new EPIC range represents a significant milestone in LendInvest’s journey. This innovative product line has raised the bar regarding convenience, flexibility, and competitiveness, setting a new industry standard. By continuously adapting to the evolving needs of property investors, LendInvest has demonstrated its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the demands of a dynamic real estate market.

Furthermore, LendInvest’s venture into the domain of Holiday Lets marks an exciting expansion into a previously untapped lending area. This strategic move acknowledges the growing popularity of short-term property rentals and positions LendInvest at the forefront of this emerging trend. It also showcases the company’s willingness to embrace new opportunities and diversify its lending services to cater to a wider range of borrowers.


What is the thing you are most proud of?

The continued strong growth of the loan book and the teamwork that contributed to enhancing the BTL proposition in the eyes of landlords and brokers alike have been instrumental in our journey. As we steadily expand our presence in the Buy-to-Let market, it’s apparent that our commitment to excellence and innovation is paying off.

Our dedication to customer service, tailored lending solutions, and market expertise have fostered trust and loyalty among our clients and solidified our position as a reliable partner in the real estate investment landscape.

When I reflect on the number of applications being received each week, it’s incredible to think we are only 4 years into our Buy-to-Let journey. This remarkable growth is a testament to our team’s hard work and the market’s brand recognition. We are proud of our milestones so far, and we look forward to continued success and expansion in the years ahead.

We focus on delivering value to our clients, meeting their evolving needs, and staying at the forefront of the Buy-to-Let market. With the dedicated team and unwavering commitment, the future holds even more promise and opportunity for our organisation.

Looking ahead to 2022 | What do you expect the market to look like in 2022?

On green products and growth, there has been plenty of focus on products that incentivise or reward landlords for minimising emissions or maximising the efficiency of their BTL portfolio as we draw ever closer to the 2025 EPC deadline.

Green Products and Growth | What might the challenges be?

Well, it certainly won’t be issues with funding or support from across the business, nor a lack of focus, energy or desire to enhance our tech for the good of applicant and broker alike.

I don’t think Landlords will take the year off either as they venture into new asset classes, grow and incorporate portfolios or consolidate, ready to attack when the time is right. As a lender, we must match those ambitions with the right products and incentives.

Green Products and Growth | What’s one thing you hope to achieve? 

To continue on our journey towards being firmly considered as the broker/landlord BTL Lender of choice and to continue to innovate via new products, criteria and services.

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What does Connect Mortgage Network offer?

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We’ve come to the end of our publication on “Green Products and Growth.”  Until next time, stay Connect! 

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