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Connect Mortgage Club, as of today, has rebranded itself as Connect for Intermediaries. This alteration aims to encapsulate the comprehensive array of services available to intermediaries. Notably, this encompasses Connect’s specialised Buy to Let and Commercial Network, boasting a current network of 88 Appointed Representative firms. The shift in nomenclature signifies a broader commitment to serving the diverse needs of intermediaries across various financial landscapes.

The change of name does change the burden of ensuring compliance with FCA guidelines will be primarily shouldered by the network, offering business owners the confidence that every facet of their operations aligns seamlessly with regulatory requirements. This ensures a robust framework that not only meets but exceeds the standards set by the FCA, granting businesses the peace of mind that their operations fully adhere to regulatory guidelines.

Liz Syms, CEO at Connect for Intermediaries, commented.

Liz Syms
Liz Syms, CEO of Connect for Intermediaries

“It is important that we present our service and product offerings clearly. The word ‘club’ in our industry has certain connotations, and having it in our name has caused brokers ambiguity regarding our services.

This is obviously something we must avoid, and through our new name, ‘Connect for Intermediaries, ‘ we need to convey that our proposition is geared to support the whole broker community. This includes our Network offering, packaging and distribution services and our helpdesk to provide specialist knowledge for both UK and International client enquiries.”

“With the specialist finance market about to enter a new dawn of regulation, now seems the most appropriate time to make this change. Mortgage brokers are central to our business, and we want to support them the very best we can. We have forged some great relationships as Connect Mortgage Club and look forward to reaching out and building many more as Connect for Intermediaries.” Connect for Intermediaries


We’ve come to the end of our company news on “Connect Mortgage Club | Re-branded to Connect for Intermediaries | Mortgage & Protection Network.” Until next time, stay Connect!

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