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Connect Conference | Great News: Connect for Intermediaries Releases Conference Agenda

Connect Conference

Connect Conference

Connect for Intermediaries has unveiled the comprehensive schedule for its upcoming Friday, October 12th Connect conference.

The event will feature an engaging panel discussion, insightful key presentations, and interactive round table discussions led by over 20 prominent lenders. These industry experts will deliver invaluable content to empower brokers to expand and enhance their businesses. Additionally, attendees can expect a day filled with enriching conversations and opportunities to connect with key players in the field.

This is what is expected to happen in the morning:

  • Roger Morris, Precise Mortgages | Explores the Limited Company lending market for portfolio clients.
  • Julian Sampson, TWM Solicitors | Navigates the legal requirements when a portfolio client transfers all individually held properties to a company.
  • Mark Posniak, Octane Capital  | Discusses when a deal will benefit from using a bridging loan.
  • Emma Cox, Shawbrook Bank |Looks at taking advantage of the emerging commercial mortgage market and when to use a property yield valuation rather than a bricks-and-mortar valuation.
  • Louisa Sedgwick Vida Homeloans | Provides tips on growing your business and
  • Adam Tyler, FIBA  | Puts all the experts through their paces during an expert panel debate.

In the afternoon:

  • Liz Syms will outline Connect’s plans for the future
  • Maria Harris, Digital Mortgages by ATOM | Explores the digital opportunities and challenges in the mortgage market, and;
  • International keynote speaker Mark Rhodes | Talks about ways to build the right mindset and strategy to find opportunities in any of the challenges presented by the market.

Attendees will have ample chances to engage in conversations about intricate scenarios with more than twenty expert lenders available throughout the event. Knowledge Bank and One Mortgage System (OMS) will also offer live demonstrations of their platforms. Furthermore, the event promises an enhanced opportunity for networking and gaining insights into the latest trends in the mortgage industry.

Liz Syms
Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect

Liz Syms, pictured, Connect for Intermediaries CEO, said: “Our Connect conference this year forms part of our 20th anniversary celebrations.  We asked ourselves, ‘do brokers understand all their criteria and niches?’ And, ‘what help do brokers need to be more successful?’

“We have worked hard with our partners to give brokers attending the Connect conference as much valuable information and help as possible.  So not only will they hear from a range of industry spokespeople, but there will also be practical sessions, and of course our keynote speaker, to help them towards even more successful businesses. Those attending the Connect conference will also receive a complimentary signed copy of Mark Rhodes’ book ‘Think Your Way to Success’.

“We guarantee after this event, they will be able to do more deals than they thought possible.” Connect for Intermediaries

“The Connect conference is booking up well, but some spaces are still available for anyone interested.  And, as Connect is celebrating being 20 years old, there will be a few celebratory surprises in store.”

We’ve come to the end of our company news on “Connect Conference | Connect for Intermediaries Releases Conference Agenda.” Until next time stay Connect!

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