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Broker Members | Connect Targets 80 New Members

Broker Members

Expansion Plans and Strategic Growth


Connect for Intermediaries, a specialised network, is entering the residential market with ambitious goals. It plans to attract 80 new broker members and boost mortgage volumes in the coming year. The network has prepared for this expansion by doubling its office space and hiring six new team members. This move demonstrates their commitment to growth despite focusing on buy-to-let services, commercial mortgages, and bridging finance.

Diversifying Member Base

The network aims to diversify its member base as part of its strategy. This includes increasing office space and team size to meet broader market demands. Connect for Intermediaries is well-positioned to seize emerging opportunities while maintaining strength in its established sectors.

Impact on Operations

Expanding into the residential market will dynamically shift the network’s operations. Adding new broker members and increasing mortgage volumes shows a strategic response to market trends. Connect for Intermediaries expects this move to strengthen its market presence and contribute to overall business growth.

Sustaining Core Services

While expanding, the network remains focused on excellence in buy-to-let services, commercial mortgages, and bridging finance. This balanced approach ensures the residential market expansion complements and enhances existing strengths. The journey ahead holds exciting possibilities for Connect for Intermediaries and its members.

New Residential Proposition

Liz Syms
Liz Syms, CEO of Connect for Intermediaries

Led by CEO Liz Syms, Connect for Intermediaries is unveiling a new residential proposition. This move aims to give broker members more control over their cases. Syms highlighted the network’s commitment to maintaining its key differentiator—the extensive specialist panel. This shift responds to existing members’ demands to handle their residential cases independently.

Empowering Broker Members

The new proposition allows members to manage transactions like capital raising on main residences for buy-to-let investments. Syms emphasized the network’s flexibility in enabling members to control such enquiries. This strategic shift aims to cater to broker members’ evolving needs and enhance their business autonomy.

Launch at Specialist Lending Event

Connect for Intermediaries will present this new service at The Specialist Lending Event in Birmingham and London this week. Syms is excited to discuss the offering with broker members and outline its benefits.

Proactive Market Presence

Historically, Connect for Intermediaries has relied on reactive growth. However, the new residential proposition marks a shift towards a more proactive market presence. Syms stressed the importance of demonstrating the network’s value, positioning it as a top choice for critical decisions.

Comprehensive Support Services

The network offers access to a panel of over 80 lenders, aiming to be nearly whole of market for residential cases. Broker members, including appointed representatives, benefit from support services like a help desk, administration support, compliance assistance, and mortgage sourcing tools.

Growing Specialist Residential Sector

The specialist residential sector is a burgeoning segment of the mortgage market. The expansion of Connect for Intermediaries’ network offering reflects a strategic response to growing demand. The network is poised to help members better meet diverse client needs in this evolving landscape.

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