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Broker Lender Panel | Can a Broker Still Advise On Whole of Market? | 2018

Broker lender panel

Broker lender panel


Liz Syms
Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect Mortgages

The mortgage market landscape has significantly evolved in recent years, presenting a heightened level of complexity even within the mainstream sector. Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect emphasises the necessity for brokers to stay informed about the evolving dynamics of the mortgage market. A depth of knowledge is now required for a single market sector that arguably surpasses the cumulative understanding needed for the entire market just a few years ago.

Factors such as lending into retirement, mortgages tailored for the self-employed, considerations for overseas and expat mortgages, navigating buy-to-let tax regulations, and addressing the complexities of portfolio landlords, not to mention delving into commercial lending and bridging, all cast doubt on whether a broker can effectively provide advice across the entire spectrum as they might have a decade or two ago.

In light of these transformations, the pivotal question emerges: How can a broker not only keep pace but also stay at the forefront of the myriad developments occurring across diverse sectors of the mortgage market? Navigating this intricate landscape requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond traditional methods, demanding continuous education and adaptability to remain a proficient and informed advisor.

Broker lender panel | Unrealistic expectations

In the realm of property, managing client expectations can often be challenging due to the diverse nature of property transactions. Typically, brokers are immersed in routine tasks such as purchases, remortgages, and occasional forays into the buy-to-let market – areas that constitute the bulk of their daily activities.

However, in the dynamic world of property transactions, one cannot ignore the increasing variations in clients’ circumstances. It’s not uncommon for brokers to encounter self-employed individuals seeking mortgages or clients aspiring to invest in commercial properties. Moreover, the rise of accidental landlords evolving into portfolio landlords further adds complexity to the broker’s landscape.

Expecting a broker to navigate through the intricacies of every unique scenario seamlessly is unrealistic. Brokers naturally tend to focus on their areas of expertise and frequent encounters. It’s unreasonable to assume that they can instantly acquire the in-depth knowledge required when faced with a client seeking advice in an unfamiliar territory.

Nonetheless, a proficient broker remains committed to finding viable solutions even when confronted with a situation beyond their routine. The key lies in their dedication to client satisfaction, ensuring that they strive to provide valuable insights and guidance even in unfamiliar terrain. In an ever-evolving real estate landscape, adaptability and a commitment to client success remain essential traits for a broker navigating through the myriad of property-related challenges.

Broker lender panel | Mitigating regulatory risks

The referral surge for intricate mortgage cases signals a notable trend within the industry. In the past, brokers often handled complex cases through a packager. While some continue to follow this approach, a growing cohort is taking a different stance, stating, “I am unwilling to bear the regulatory risk in unfamiliar territory.”

This inclination extends beyond regulated products, reflecting a responsible broker’s commitment to ensuring their clients receive optimal advice. Even in the realm of non-regulated products, brokers are increasingly cautious, prioritising client well-being.

The question of whether this marks a substantial market shift remains uncertain, but it might signify the initiation of a broader trend. Brokers seem to gravitate towards specialisation, focusing on specific areas where they feel more comfortable.

This nuanced shift reflects a desire to avoid regulatory pitfalls and hints at a potential evolution in how brokers approach their roles, emphasising expertise in targeted domains. As the industry navigates these changes, the landscape of mortgage brokerage could witness a transformation, with professionals honing in on their strengths and comfort zones to better serve their clients.

Broker lender panel | Referrals among specialists

Achieving seamless referrals among specialists in the financial sector is a logical progression, necessitating heightened cooperation both among brokers and between different firms. While certain networks have implemented models to govern their brokers’ involvement in conventional mortgages, there is a growing trend of delegating anything of a specialised nature to other experts within the network.

A parallel development is observable in the directly authorised market, with brokers opting to specialise in specific areas and consciously directing more intricate tasks towards specialised professionals. Despite ongoing technological advancements, comprehensive solutions for the specialised market remain elusive. As a result, brokers will likely maintain their pivotal role as clients’ primary point of contact for the foreseeable future.

Recognising the evolving landscape, fostering increased referrals among groups of specialists emerges as the most prudent strategy, ensuring that clients consistently receive optimal outcomes. This collaborative approach promotes a more efficient system and acknowledges each specialist’s unique expertise, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of service for clients.

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