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Vida Homeloans

Vida Homeloans | Specialised Lender Introduces Exclusive New BTL and Residential Products | 2021


Introducing the latest limited edition buy-to-let and residential mortgage products from Vida Homeloans.

Discover the Newest Range of Mortgage Products from Vida Homeloans, tailored for Buy-to-Let and Residential Customers

At Vida Homeloans, they are excited to announce our latest limited-edition mortgage products designed to meet the unique needs of both Buy-to-Let (BTL) and residential property buyers.   Their commitment to providing innovative and flexible solutions continues, making it easier than ever for our customers to achieve their homeownership and investment goals.

Explore the exclusive features and benefits of our new limited edition products and take advantage of tailored solutions that cater to your specific mortgage requirements. Vida Homeloans is here to help you secure your client’s dream property, whether they are an experienced buy-to-let landlord or a first-time buyer.

That said, Vida Homeloans are delighted to announce that they have introduced a new range of Buy to Let Limited Editions with a fixed fee of £1,495.

Buy to Let Limited Editions

  • Available on Standard and HMO/MUB range
  • Fixed fee of £1,495, which can be added to the loan
  • SPVs accepted
  • Available for purchases or remortgages


  • Standard 2 year fix 75% @ 2.89%
  • Standard 5 year fix 75% @ 3.09%
  • HMO/MUB 2 year fix 75% @ 2.89%
  • HMO/MUB 5 year fix 75% @ 3.09%

(2 year ERC 4%,3%. 5 year ERC 5%,4%,3%,3%,3%)

In addition, they have also introduced new Residential Limited Edition products at 85% LTV.

Residential Limited Editions

  • Available for properties in England, Wales and Scotland
  • Available on Vida 1, 2 and 3
  • Available for Home Movers, Remortgages or FTBs
  • Product fee £995, can be added to loan
  • £180 assessment fee payable upfront on application


  • Vida 1, 2 year fix 85% @ 3.77%
  • Vida 1, 5 year fix 85% @ 4.17%
  • Vida 2, 2 year fix 85% @ 4.57%
  • Vida 2, 5 year fix 85% @ 5.07%
  • Vida 3, 2 year fix 85% @ 5.07%
  • Vida 3, 5 year fix 85% @ 5.52%

(2 year ERC 4%,3%. 5 year ERC 5%,4%,3%,3%,3%)

Call their Telephone BDM Team now on 03300 246 246 to discuss your next case and see how they can help.

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