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BTL Landlords | Astonishing 3 in 10 Buy to let Landlords Remortgages

BTL Landlords

PRECISE 2024BTL landlords


As matured products continue to evolve, it raises a crucial question: what will be the potential implications on future profitability? Could this forthcoming wave of rate adjustments deter certain smaller landlords from expanding their property portfolios?

This uncertainty regarding the future financial landscape prompts us to delve deeper into the dynamics of the property market and explore the multifaceted factors that may influence the decisions of property investors, particularly those on a smaller scale.

In doing so, we aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential challenges and opportunities for this industry segment.

Why do 3 in 10 BTL landlords intend to remortgage in the next 12 months?

Simply put, because they possess a higher number of properties on average, ‘Portfolio’ landlords who maintain four or more Buy-to-Let (BTL) mortgages, often referred to as BTL landlords, have been indicated as having a greater inclination to engage in remortgaging within the upcoming year when contrasted with their ‘consumer’ BTL landlord peers, who are also Buy To Let landlords.

This preference for remortgaging within the ‘Portfolio’ landlord segment, consisting of BTL landlords, can be attributed to various factors, such as pursuing better financial terms and capitalising on opportunities for property expansion.

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Property ownership and investment strategies exhibit intriguing variations in the dynamic landscape of the real estate market. One such distinction emerges between ‘Portfolio’ landlords, who manage four or more Buy-to-Let (BTL) mortgages, often known as Buy To Let landlords, and their ‘consumer’ BTL landlord counterparts, who are also BTL landlords.

The differentiation in their property portfolios often gives rise to distinct financial considerations, leading to varied approaches, particularly in the realm of remortgaging.

It has become increasingly evident that ‘Portfolio’ landlords, or BTL landlords, by holding more properties on average, exhibit a greater propensity to consider remortgaging as a strategic financial manoeuvre within the next year. This inclination stems from many factors that set them apart from their ‘consumer’ BTL landlord peers, who are also Buy To Let landlords.

Portfolio landlords

First and foremost, the ‘Portfolio’ landlord’s property portfolio is typically more extensive, implying that they manage multiple income-generating assets. With these diversified holdings, ‘Portfolio’ landlords, or BTL landlords, often seek to optimise their financial arrangements by exploring remortgaging opportunities.

This approach allows them to unlock additional capital, secure more favourable interest rates, and adapt their financial structures to meet evolving market conditions.

First Time LandlordsFurthermore, ‘Portfolio’ landlords, who are Buy To Let landlords, are often more experienced and astute in navigating the intricacies of property investment. Their extensive exposure to the real estate market equips them to understand the advantages and potential pitfalls of remortgaging.

They are also more likely to leverage their accumulated knowledge as BTL landlords to make informed decisions about when and how to refinance their property assets.

In contrast, ‘consumer’ BTL landlords, who are also BTL landlords, may not possess the same level of financial diversity and experience. Their smaller property portfolios may limit their motivation to explore remortgaging opportunities. Consequently, they might be less inclined to engage in this financial strategy, even if it could potentially benefit their overall investment portfolio.

The propensity of ‘Portfolio’ landlords, who are BTL landlords, to consider remortgaging within the next year, when compared to their ‘consumer’ BTL landlord counterparts, who are also BTL landlords, reflects their distinct position in the real estate market.

Their larger, more diversified property portfolios and their experience and financial acumen as BTL landlords make them more likely candidates for this strategic financial manoeuvre. This enhances their financial prospects and contributes to the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the property investment sector.

Precise Mortgages take

With fixed-rate periods ending, around 3 in 10 Buy To Let landlords say they intend to remortgage in the next 12 months, according to leading research company BVA BDRC*. connect for intermediaries

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credit: Precise Mortgages

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