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Mortgage Network Connect Brokers | Tipton joined Panel

Mortgage Network Connect Brokers

Mortgage Network Connect Brokers


Historical announcements have showcased the expanding horizons of Connect Mortgage Network. Noteworthy events include the revelation of the Unsecured Lending Panel and the exclusive announcement of Network Mortgage Connect in 2018. The Specialist Network Connect made a grand entrance with the Spectacular Unsecured Loan Panel launch in the same year. Brokers pondered the question of advising on the whole market, as discussed in the Broker Lender Panel of 2018.

The excitement continued into 2019 with the growth of Connect Network Mortgage Packager and the addition of more lenders to Jubilant Connect’s Second Charge panel. HSBC officially entered Jubilant Connect’s Mainstream Residential Panel in 2019, marking a significant milestone. Furthermore, the same year, UTB joined the Jubilant Panel as an exclusive addition.

Stonebridge welcomed Connect to the Referral & Packaging Panel, adding to the positive developments in Referral and Packaging. Norton Home Loans joined the Connect Lender Panel, contributing to the positive momentum among Network Panel Lenders. With these advancements and the overall positive atmosphere, it’s an opportune moment to consider joining Mortgage Network Connect Brokers.

Mortgage Network Connect Brokers | Tipton & Coseley Building Society

Tipton and Coseley Building Society have recently strengthened their collaboration with Mortgage Network Connect Brokers, marking an expanded alliance. In this enhanced partnership, Tipton has become a valued member of Connect’s approved lenders, ensuring accessibility through its broker network and packager team.

This development opens up new avenues for Connect’s advisers and their clients, granting them access to the complete spectrum of Tipton’s mortgage products across various stages of the mortgage lifecycle. Additionally, advisers now have the advantage of tapping into the expertise of Tipton’s manual underwriters.

Established in 1998, Connect has cultivated a robust relationship with an extensive panel comprising over 170 mortgage lenders. The organisation serves mortgage and protection advisers by providing comprehensive support, including training, events, business development, regulatory guidance, technological solutions, and an extensive product portfolio. This strengthened collaboration reflects a commitment to delivering enhanced services and options to the clientele served by both entities.

Mortgage Network Connect Brokers | Quotes

Andy Millard
Andy Millard, Head of Intermediary Distribution at Tipton

The Tipton’s head of intermediary distribution, Andy Millard, says: ‘This enhanced partnership with Connect enables the Tipton to offer more options to Connects clients and brokers.

“It also underpins our core purpose of helping the underserved sections of the mortgage market by providing borrowers with options not available elsewhere.”

Connect for Intermediaries Sales Director Kevin Thomson says: “I am delighted to welcome The Tipton to our Packager Lender panel.

Kevin Thomson
Kevin Thomson, Sales Director of Connect Mortgages

“At a time when clients’ needs continue to change and become more complex, it is vitally important that Connect ARs have access to all lenders who service all the market sectors.

“This relationship with The Tipton will give our network members a wider opportunity to meet the needs of their clients.”

We’ve reached the end of our company news on “Mortgage Network Connect Brokers | Great News: Welcomes Tipton to Lender Panel | 2023.”Stay ‘Connect’ until next time.

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