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Connect Network Mortgage Packager | Exciting News: Our Packaging Lender Panel Are Growing | 2019

Connect Network Mortgage Packager

Connect network mortgage packager


Connect network mortgage packager has recently taken on the role of a packager for Zephyr and Fleet Mortgages, the newly introduced buy-to-let lenders. Facilitating brokers in securing mortgages with these emerging lenders, Connect’s comprehensive market placement desk serves as a valuable resource in this process.

In an update, a representative from Connect for Intermediaries shared with Specialist Lending Solutions that the company remains open to the prospect of collaborating with additional lenders in the coming year, further expanding its network.

Zephyr, initiated just before the holiday season by Computershare Loan Services, is now welcoming applications for individual and limited company buy-to-let properties, boasting competitive rates commencing at 2.69%.

Meanwhile, Fleet Mortgages has implemented changes to enhance borrower benefits, including complimentary valuations and an adjusted standard product rental calculation set at 125% of the rental income at an attractive rate of 3.89%. This modification allows borrowers the flexibility to access increased borrowing potential.

As Connect network mortgage packager continues to forge partnerships and explore new opportunities, the landscape of buy-to-let lending is poised for continued growth and innovation in the upcoming year.

Connect network mortgage packager | Buy-to-let buoyant

Liz Syms

Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect Mortgages

Liz Syms, CEO of Connect for Intermediaries, highlighted the ongoing resilience of the buy-to-let market, emphasising its vibrancy for both property acquisition and remortgaging endeavours.

According to Syms, introducing new rates and terms is a positive development for landlords across the spectrum, including individual property owners, portfolio holders, and those with properties under limited companies.

Syms expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “These fresh offerings from lenders will undoubtedly benefit brokers catering to buy-to-let clients. Our specialised market placement desk is ready to assist brokers in seizing the opportunities presented by these new rates and terms.”

Peter Charge

Peter Charge, Head of Sales for Zephyr Homeloans

Peter Charge, head of sales for Zephyr Homeloans, conveyed his excitement about collaborating with Connect as a key intermediary partner. He acknowledged Connect’s profound understanding of the specialist buy-to-let sector and anticipates fostering a robust partnership as they collectively contribute to the growth of the Zephyr Homeloans brand.

In December 2018, Fleet Mortgages had already taken steps to enhance its product offerings, introducing new products within its standard and limited company ranges, coupled with specific criteria adjustments tailored for portfolio landlords.

This continuous evolution in the buy-to-let landscape positions brokers and landlords to navigate a dynamic market with diverse property investment and financing opportunities.

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