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Referral and Packaging | Great News: Stonebridge Welcomes Connect to Referral & Packaging Panel

Referral and Packaging

Referral and packaging


Stonebridge, the national mortgage and insurance network, has expanded its referral and packaging panels by incorporating Connect for Intermediaries. This strategic move aims to enhance the network’s capabilities and broaden its reach within the mortgage and insurance sectors.

The collaboration with Connect for Intermediaries is expected to bring about synergies that will benefit Stonebridge and contribute to the overall growth and efficiency of the financial services landscape.  “Referral and Packaging”

Stonebridge’s appointed representative (AR) advisors, exceeding a count of 1,000, now possess an “additional alternative” for directing specialised mortgage cases. Moreover, these ARs can utilise Connect’s comprehensive packaging service tailored for specialist mortgage products. Additionally, they gain entry to a range of semi-exclusive and exclusive offerings from specialised lenders in the residential and buy-to-let sectors.  “Referral and Packaging”

Connect, boasting connections with over 170 lenders, spans a broad spectrum, encompassing commercial loans, bridging finance, development financing, business loans, and mortgages tailored for expatriates and foreign nationals. The wealth of options available ensures that Stonebridge’s ARs can navigate diverse financial landscapes to meet the unique needs of their clients.

In a significant development earlier this year, MSS Group, the parent entity of Stonebridge, solidified its position by acquiring a substantial stake in Connect. This strategic move enhances Stonebridge’s capabilities and further cements its standing within the financial services sector. The collaboration promises an enriched array of offerings for Stonebridge’s ARs, empowering them to provide unparalleled solutions for their clientele in the ever-evolving mortgage market.

Stonebridge & Connect | Forging a Connection

Rob Clifford
Rob Clifford, Chief Commercial Executive at MSS Group and chief Executive at Stonebridge,

Rob Clifford, chief executive of Stonebridge, said it was pleased to be starting its strategy to work more closely with Connect, which gave “greater choice” to its members for specialist cases.

He added: “We truly believe our members will benefit from the specialist knowledge and expertise the team at Connect has forged over many years.

“As the specialist mortgage market continues to develop and grow, it’s important our network firms and advisers have access to the plethora of services which Connect can offer even further to enhance the service they can offer to their clients.”

Clifford noted that a “key driver” of MSS’ investment was its opportunity for Stonebridge and Connect to partner, which would benefit the intermediary community and end customers. He said that further announcements would be made.

Liz Syms
Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect

Liz Syms, chief executive of Connect for Intermediaries, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Stonebridge and enable their ARs to have the additional option of leveraging Connect’s specialist knowledge and expertise in the property market.

“We look forward to working with the Stonebridge ARs and helping them and their clients achieve their property ambitions by providing the best possible finance solution.

“Connect can provide Stonebridge ARs with referral services for commercial, bridging, development finance, and packaging services for more complex buy-to-let and complex residential cases.”

She added: “This marks the first step for the Connect and Stonebridge partnership, and by working together, we can develop and strengthen the already market-leading proposition of both networks and drive significant growth.”

Why join the Connect network?

In this statement, Connect, functioning as a Mortgage Network, is strategically forging alliances in optimal domains, driven by sound rationale to advance the network’s core principles.  You can read more on this in our previous article, “Recommend a Mortgage Network | Great News: Connect Becomes First Network To Offer Brokers SmartrFit+ Tool.” Career at Connect

The overarching goal has consistently been empowering mortgage brokers within the Connect network, fostering their growth and prosperity. Connect aims to enhance the network’s foundation by aligning with key partners, ensuring its steadfast commitment to fostering a thriving community of mortgage professionals.

We have come to the end of our company news on Referral and Packaging. Until next time, stay Connect!

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