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Connect Mortgage Network Announcement | Great News: LiveMore & Connect Confirm Partnership

Connect Mortgage Network Announcement

Connect Mortgage Network Announcement


LiveMoreConnect for Intermediaries and LiveMore Capital have recently formed a new collaboration to enhance the distribution channels for LiveMore’s lending services. This strategic partnership aims to broaden LiveMore’s reach within the 50 to 90 age group and beyond.

With its two-year presence in the market, Livermore is actively working to address the mortgage needs of an often-overlooked demographic.

The company emphasises its commitment to serving the financial requirements of the “underserved age group,” signalling a significant focus on meeting the unique challenges faced by individuals in this demographic.

In terms of product offerings, LiveMore specialises in interest-only fixed-rate mortgages. Their diverse range spans from short-term options of five years to more extended terms of seven, 10, and 20 years, as well as innovative lifelong fixed-rate mortgages.

Connect for Intermediaries, functioning as a specialised network, packager, and referral partner, boasts a robust panel comprising over 170 lenders spanning both mainstream and specialist markets. This collaboration strengthens LiveMore’s distribution network and underscores Connect for Intermediaries’ commitment to facilitating access to tailored financial solutions for a diverse clientele.

As LiveMore continues gaining momentum, this partnership positions both entities to better address the evolving mortgage market needs, particularly within the specified age bracket. (Connect Mortgage Network Announcement)

Connect Mortgage Network Announcement |  The quotes

Alison Pallett
Alison Pallett, Managing Sales Director at LiveMore,

Managing sales director at LiveMore, Alison Pallett, commented: “Connect for Intermediaries works across the full range of specialist lending, including older borrowers, so now its brokers have even more options with access to our mortgage range. We are one of the few lenders who will consider borrowers even if they are over the age of 90.

“It is essential for us to be on the panels of strong, reputable networks and packagers like Connect for Intermediaries. We look forward to working closely with the wonderful team there.”

Kevin Thomson
Kevin Thomson, Sales Director of Connect Mortgages

Connect for Intermediaries sales director Kevin Thomson added: “We are always keen to work with new, innovative lenders, and LiveMore’s proposition is unique in the mortgage market.

“Our brokers now have access to a lender who looks beyond salary for affordability and considers all aspects of income such as pensions and buy-to-let property. Our brokers will appreciate this new proposition, and I’m sure we will work well together.”

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