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Specialised Lending

Specialised lending


Shawbrook Bank offers various financial solutions, especially focusing on Bridging Finance. Additionally, Bridging Finance provides a flexible, short-term lending option. This option helps individuals and businesses bridge the gap between immediate financial needs and longer-term funding solutions.

Shawbrook Bank’s expertise allows them to offer tailored financial products for various needs. This includes property acquisition, refurbishment, or other time-sensitive financial requirements.

Moreover, Shawbrook Bank is committed to understanding each customer’s unique situation. They pride themselves on offering competitive interest rates and fast approval processes. Therefore, clients can access the funds they need swiftly and efficiently.

Their specialised lending team understands the property market deeply. They work closely with customers to create bespoke lending solutions that fit specific requirements.

Whether you are a property developer, investor, or homeowner needing short-term financing, Shawbrook Bank’s Bridging Finance options can help you achieve your financial goals. Their commitment to quality financial solutions and exceptional customer service sets them apart as a trusted partner for reliable lending options in the UK.

Lending for refurbishment costs scenario

In the “Lending for Refurbishment Costs” scenario, Shawbrook Bank supports individuals and businesses renovating properties through specialised lending. This type of lending is often linked to real estate and property development. Refurbishment projects range from cosmetic upgrades to major structural renovations.

Firstly, assessing the borrower’s needs and the project’s nature is crucial in specialised lending. Lenders must understand the refurbishment’s scope, timeline, and projected costs. They also evaluate the potential property value increase due to the renovation, which can affect loan terms.

Moreover, lenders consider the borrower’s creditworthiness and financial stability for the loan application. They might require detailed project plans, cost estimates, and collateral. Interest rates, repayment terms, and the maximum loan amount depend on these factors.

For borrowers, accessing refurbishment funding can increase property value, enhance functionality, or boost energy efficiency. Such projects can revitalise neighbourhoods and drive economic growth. However, borrowers must assess their ability to manage the loan and complete the project.

In this scenario, open communication between lenders and borrowers is essential. They must collaborate to ensure the financing aligns with project goals and financial situations. Successful refurbishments can boost property value and benefit the community and economy.

Shawbrook’s award-winning bridging offering allows clients to start refurbishment projects or quickly purchase properties.

  • Rates start from 0.50% PCM
  • 85% LTV for funding refurbishment costs
  • Ability to add fees above LTV
  • No minimum term of interest period
  • No prior experience needed for no/light refurbishments
  • AVM is considered for purchase applications.
Are you interested in learning more about their Lending for Refurbishment Costs product? Check out their video here, which explains how your clients could access up to 85% LTV funds.

Once their project is finished, they can switch to a Shawbrook term mortgage.

Learn more here.

What’s the synergy between Shawbook and Connect?

In the realm of mortgage networks, Connect assumes a central role in propelling the advancement of mortgage expertise within its network, particularly concerning bridging finance. Our commitment extends well beyond conventional mortgage offerings, as we actively champion and facilitate the integration of specialised lending solutions, such as bridging finance.

These distinct financial products prompt our advisers to discuss buy-to-let property investments with their clients. Furthermore, we emphasise the importance of product knowledge and awareness of eligibility criteria in specialised lending.

We accomplish this through our lender digital learning program. Participation in this program earns Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credits. It also enhances understanding of specialised lending.

Collectively, these efforts contribute to delivering top-tier advice and service to our advisers’ client base. Consequently, they are well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of specialised lending.