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Second Charge | Connect Add More Lenders To The Panel

Second charge

Liz Syms
Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect


Lenderlink and Fluent for Advisers have been integrated into the Connect second charge. This expansion enhances the network’s capabilities, providing brokers with versatile second-charge options.

The integration ensures a seamless connection, solidifying Connect’s position in the mortgage market. Fluent for Advisers offers flexibility and extensive experience.

Connect’s panel allows advisers to retain control while keeping the fees charged. This reinforces Connect’s commitment to supporting brokers in the second-charge market.

Overall, the integration broadens Connect’s scope, delivering comprehensive options to its network.

Lenderlink and Fluent for Advisers

Connect for Intermediaries has expanded its second charge panel by adding Lenderlink and Fluent for Advisers. Lenderlink, launched last year by the Specialist Mortgage Group, offers brokers within the Connect network access to a panel of second-charge lenders. Connect members can easily register and use the system to submit applications directly or refer clients to Lenderlink.

When brokers refer clients, Lenderlink assumes responsibility for providing advice. They charge a pre-disclosed fee, ensuring transparency for brokers. Connect emphasized that Fluent for Advisers offers an extensive product range and a flexible fee structure. While taking over advisory responsibilities, Fluent for Advisers allows brokers and clients to monitor the case’s progress until completion.

Liz Syms, CEO of Connect, expressed the company’s commitment to enhancing broker propositions. These new partnerships broaden access to more lenders and allow brokers to refer their second charge inquiries, offering increased flexibility.

Connect members can use the Connect panel for direct submissions, advice control, and fee determination. Syms highlighted the benefits of each option, stating that Lenderlink provides a straightforward system for quotation and application.

Fluent for Advisers offers flexibility and extensive experience. Connect’s panel allows those wishing to retain advisory control to do so while managing the fees charged. This strategic expansion reinforces Connect for Intermediaries’ commitment to providing diverse options and support for brokers navigating the second-charge market.

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