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Pure Retirement | Specialised Lender Launches New Adviser-Facing Resources | 2021

Pure Retirement

Pure retirement

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In the year 2021, Pure Retirement launched a new Brand Health Check Guide in collaboration with Asset TV, specifically for use by advisers in the later life market. These valuable tools and support materials were launched with the intent of assisting advisers in their efforts to guide clients towards securing a prosperous and worry-free retirement. Pure Retirement’s commitment to providing tailored resources further reinforces its dedication to helping advisers and their clients achieve their financial goals.

The guide provides at-a-glance tips on how advisers can improve their brand and business positioning to engage their over-customer base better. It follows on from Pure’s research piece on effective brand positioning for the over-50s market, which launched earlier this year.

Akademia at Asset TV is this month promoting the Brand Health Check Guide as part of its CPD resources for financial advisers who work within the later-life lending sector or who are looking to enter the market.

Martyn Pask, director at Asset TV, commented: “The later life lending market is one which is continually growing, presenting a great opportunity for financial advisers who are looking to develop their business in this area. And it’s resources like these, developed by Pure Retirement, which can really make a difference for advisers wanting to position themselves to engage the over 50s for both brand and business growth. It was a pleasure discussing the benefits with the guest speakers from Pure Retirement as part of our CPD offering for advisers.”

Rachel Pease, head of marketing at Pure Retirement, added: “It’s a great time of year to do a brand health check ahead of the start of a fresh new year, and we hope that our new guide will provide some simple tips for advisers to improve their brand positioning and as a result their business opportunities for future growth.”


Connect as a Mortgage Network | Fostering Prosperity


connect for intermediariesIn this dynamic landscape of mortgage networks and financial services, where the later-life lending market continues to expand, Connect emerges as a mortgage network committed to providing a robust foundation for advisers. With a mission to empower advisers and enhance their capabilities, Connect offers a supportive ecosystem that aligns with the principles of Pure Retirement’s Brand Health Check Guide.

By facilitating advisers, Connect serves as a catalyst for their growth and development in the later-life lending sector. Through a blend of resources, training, and a network of like-minded professionals, Connect empowers advisers to not only position themselves effectively in this evolving market but also to engage the over-50s demographic for both brand enhancement and business expansion.

In a world of financial opportunities, Connect is a valuable partner for advisers seeking to thrive in the later life market, mirroring the spirit of collaboration and support showcased by Pure Retirement’s innovative guide. Certainly, there are, naturally, numerous reasons to join The Connect Network.