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Grow Your Business | 3 Effortless Ways Connect Can Help

Grow Your Business

Grow your business


Connect provides a range of services tailored to help your business flourish as it embarks on its journey to launch, expand, and thrive. These resources are strategically designed with one overarching goal: to support your business’s growth. Whether it’s packaging services, second-charge mortgages, or strategic marketing support, Connect offers a team of mortgage professionals ready to contribute to your business’s success.

Let’s begin with the essentials, especially if you lack the necessary permissions, expertise, or time.

We’re here to assist you, regardless of how intricate the situation may be:

  • We take accountability for the advice provided to your clients, collaborating with over 170 lenders.
  • We maintain clear communication throughout the process, ensuring no cross-selling.
  • You’ll enjoy a generous commission share without imposing hefty client fees.

People don’t start a business to survive merely; the ultimate objective of scalability to foster growth and expansion for their business. We are proposing nothing innovative, but of course, we all know business growth is making a business bigger and more successful over time.

This can be achieved in several ways, such as increasing sales, expanding into new markets, or developing new products or services. Connect’s involvement comes into play when it comes to our topic on “Grow Your Business.” Our services are tailored to support and enhance your business’s growth potential.

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Connect Packaging Service

At Connect, we’re dedicated to empowering you to grow your business and thrive in a competitive market. With the necessary regulatory permissions, we open doors to exclusive opportunities, specialised lenders, and unique mortgage products that can set your business apart.

To emphasise the subject matter Grow Your Business,  uncover the ways partnering with us can supercharge your business expansion:

  • Client Retention: When you team up with Connect, your clients stay connected with you. You remain their go-to advisor, preserving those invaluable client relationships and delivering personalized guidance.
  • Leverage Strong Connections: We’ve cultivated strong bonds with Specialist Lenders and their Underwriters. These relationships grant you access to unparalleled financial solutions and favourable terms that might otherwise remain out of reach.
  • Efficiency in Processing: Our expert Connect Case Management team expertly handles the mortgage application process on your behalf. This saves time and resources while ensuring a seamless experience for your clients.
  • Competitive Commissions: We believe in rewarding your dedication. Upon successfully concluding a mortgage transaction, you receive 100% of the standard broker commission, maximising your earnings.

By partnering with Connect, you’re expanding your business and propelling it to new heights. Discover how our network can empower your business, equipping you to provide your clients with unparalleled financial solutions. Elevate your business with Connect today and witness the transformative impact of strategic collaboration. Grow your business exponentially with Connect by your side. Join us and embark on a journey towards enhanced business growth and lasting success.

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Second Charge

When expanding your business in the mortgage industry, Connect’s Second Charge proposition is your key to unlocking new opportunities.  We will supply you with the tutorials and industry knowledge necessary to grow your business.  Whether your expertise lies in Buy-To-Let or Residential properties, our extensive network of second-charge lenders is a valuable resource to fuel your growth.

At Connect, we recognise the profound importance of the Second Charge market. That’s why we’ve taken proactive steps to create a dedicated Second Charge Team that stands firmly by your side. We assume the responsibility of advising your clients, leveraging our extensive panel of lenders to craft tailored solutions that align with their unique needs.

Throughout this process, we prioritise transparent communication, ensuring you’re consistently updated on the progress. Most importantly, our commitment to your success means we guarantee no cross-selling, allowing you to channel your energies where it matters most—growing your business to new heights. All of these have a single goal: to help grow your business.

Generous commission share.

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