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West One | Did You Know West One Can Finance HMOs With Up To 10 Bedrooms?


As we reflect on this year, the HMO segment of the Buy-to-Let market has shown strong demand. Experienced landlords are attracted to HMO lettings due to the potential for above-average rental yields.

The question arises: Can first-time landlords enter the HMO market with their initial rental property? You might be surprised that we offer products designed for licensed HMO properties with up to 10 bedrooms at West One Buy to Let. This offering is not exclusive to experienced landlords; we welcome applications from first-time landlords interested in HMO properties.

Discover how West One can assist your clients in financing an HMO:

We offer solutions for experienced and first-time landlords with no prior Buy-to-Let experience, as long as one applicant owns their main residence. We cater to licensed HMOs with up to 10 bedrooms. Our services are available for both UK-based and expat landlords. We accept student lets and corporate lets.

This short video explains our approach to HMOs. You can also check out the West One beginners’ guide to HMOs here.

For more information on financing an HMO or to discuss a case, please email or call 033312334556.

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