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Expands Partnership | Saffron Building Society Joins Connect to Diversify Lending Solutions

Expands Partnership

Saffron Building Society Expands Partnership with Connect for Intermediaries to Diversify Lending Solutions

Today, 3rd January 2024 — Saffron Building Society is pleased to announce a strategic deepening of its collaboration with Connect for Intermediaries. This strengthened alliance now positions Saffron as an integral part of Connect’s esteemed panel of packaged lenders, offering expanded access to its array of mortgage products.

Saffron Building Society, a mutually owned organisation, has long been a frontrunner in delivering adaptive mortgage solutions. 

This extended partnership empowers Connect’s advisers and their clients with seamless access to Saffron’s extensive suite of products, including:

  • Global BTL Solutions: Embracing a broad spectrum of countries for first-time buyers and landlords, covering diverse consumer BTL scenarios.
  • Tailored Build Products: Offering flexible options for land & build, knock down & rebuild, renovation, and conversion projects, free from ERC.
  • Entrepreneur-Friendly Approvals: Extending support to self-employed applicants with up to 90% LTV, acknowledging one year’s trading or utilising the most recent year’s income.
  • Ample Funding for Ambitious Ventures: Welcoming larger loan applications on standard terms, providing up to £1 million at 90% LTV and £5 million at 80% LTV.
  • Comprehensive Support for Property Newcomers: Inclusive coverage for first-time buyers and landlords across all BTL products, accommodating various ownership structures.
  • Simplified Re-mortgaging: Offering a reduced ICR of 125% at product pay rate for all “pound for pound” re-mortgages, regardless of personal tax positions.

    Liz Syms
    Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect

Connect for Intermediaries, established in 1998 under the leadership of CEO Liz Syms, brings over 25 years of industry experience to the forefront. The organisation remains steadfast in supporting clients to achieve their property goals through a diverse panel of over 170 mortgage lenders.

Connect provides comprehensive assistance to mortgage and protection advisers, including training, events, business development, regulatory guidance, technology solutions, and access to an expansive product panel.

Kevin Thomson
Kevin Thomson, Sales Director of Connect Mortgages

Kevin Thomson, Sales Director at Connect for Intermediaries, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “I am thrilled that our members now have access to all of the Saffron Building Society’s products, including their packaged products. 

In a landscape where client needs are evolving and becoming more intricate, having access to lenders servicing all market sectors is crucial. This collaboration with Saffron will provide our network members with an expanded opportunity to meet the diverse needs of their clients.”

Tony Hall
Tony Hall, Head of Business Development at Saffron for Intermediaries

Tony Hall, Head of Business Development at Saffron for Intermediaries, commented, “I am delighted to broaden our relationship with Connect, which now includes supporting both their broker network and packager team. 

Our broad product proposition is well placed to support meeting the diverse needs of Connect’s clients through our adaptable lending solutions”.

This elevated partnership underscores Saffron Building Society’s commitment to providing robust support to advisers and clients, solidifying its position as a leader in the dynamic mortgage industry.

We have come to the end of our company news on “Expands Partnership | Saffron Building Society Joins Connect to Diversify Lending Solutions.” Until next time, stay Connect!

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