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Limited Companies | Eco-Friendly Property Upgrades for BTLs

Limited Companies

Limited companies


Now, onto our third-panel debate on Limited companies, but in case you missed the first two, take a moment to catch up or refresh your memory by clicking on the following titles: Top-slicing and Let-to-Buy | Exploring Untapped Opportunities for Lenders | Mortgage Solutions Green Talk | Landlords Face Potential Losses by Misdirecting Green Investments Due to Outdated EPC

Tax-efficient structures for landlords with multiple properties are crucial in the UK buy-to-let market. Strategic investments in eco-friendly property upgrades are also key prospects. These insights come from our expert brokerage consortium for 2022 and beyond.

Explore the potential benefits of optimised tax wrappers tailored for portfolio landlords. Discover the promising avenues presented by targeted acquisitions for sustainable renovations. In a continually evolving market, these opportunities offer a unique advantage. Astute investors can enhance their property portfolios while aligning with environmentally conscious initiatives.

Optimising tax structures can lead to significant savings. Strategic investments in sustainable upgrades can also increase property value. These actions reflect a growing trend towards eco-friendly practices. Consequently, they can attract environmentally conscious tenants.

Adopting these strategies can provide a competitive edge. Investors should consider these opportunities to maximise their returns. By doing so, they will also contribute to environmental sustainability. Therefore, these approaches are highly recommended for landlords in the current market.

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Liz Syms
Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect

Liz Syms, the visionary behind Connect Mortgages and Connect For Intermediaries, highlighted a pervasive trend within the industry— an assumption that customers are well-versed in the benefits of limited companies due to ongoing discussions.

Despite seeming familiar with the process, Syms had an enlightening chat with a customer. The customer was about to buy their eighth buy-to-let property. Surprisingly, this seasoned investor had not yet discussed tax implications. They were ready to purchase the property in their personal name.

Greg Cunnington
Greg Cunnington, chief operating officer at LDNFinance


Moreover, Syms predicts a new customer segment will emerge. Buy-to-let investors might target properties with Energy Performance Certificate ratings below A to C. They aim to renovate these properties to meet, or even exceed, a C standard. This strategy would enhance the investment value of such properties.

Greg Cunnington, Chief Operating Officer at LDN Finance, commented on the holiday let market. He emphasised that what first appeared as a pandemic-driven trend is still gaining traction. It continues to present a viable opportunity for investors.

Jeremy Duncombe
Jeremy Duncombe, Managing Director at Accord

Jeremy Duncombe, Managing Director at Accord, expressed optimism about the new build sector. Despite expected supply and demand challenges, he predicts this sector will thrive.

Credits to Mortgage Solutions:  “Limited Companies | Broker Opportunities in Eco-Friendly Property Upgrades for Buy-to-Let Investments.” Until next time, stay Connected!

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