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Buy-To-Let Range | Fleet Mortgages relaunches Jubilant 80% LTV | 2021

Buy-To-Let Range

Buy-to-let range

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Fleet Mortgages, a leading player in the mortgage market, has recently announced the relaunch of its 80% loan-to-value (LTV) buy-to-let range, signalling a strategic move to cater to the evolving needs of property investors. This revamped offering comes at a crucial time in the real estate landscape, where demand for buy-to-let properties remains robust.

The decision to reintroduce this competitive 80% LTV range underscores Fleet Mortgages’ commitment to providing flexible and accessible financing solutions for investors looking to capitalise on opportunities in the dynamic rental market. With attractive terms and a keen understanding of property investors’ challenges, Fleet Mortgages aims to empower landlords and contribute to the continued growth of the buy-to-let sector.

Fleet Mortgages relaunches 80% LTV

Fleet Mortgages has returned to offering 80% LTV buy-to-let products across two of its three core lending areas – standard and limited company/LLP.

The 80% two-year fix for standard and limited company/LLP borrowers is priced at 3.89%, and the five-year fix is priced at 4.15%, both with a 2% fee.

All two-year fixes come with a rental calculation of 125% at 5.5%, while five-year fixes are pay-rate products with a rental calculation of 125% at the pay rate. Fleet’s 80% LTV products include either a free or discounted valuation.

Fleet Mortgages also offers products for landlords seeking to purchase or remortgage HMOs and multi-unit blocks – these are available at both 65% and 75% LTV levels, with two-year pricing starting at 3.24% and five-year at 3.43%.

The return to 80% LTV lending comes after Fleet relaunched its product range at the end of October with price reductions across the board.

Steve Cox, 

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Steve Cox, chief commercial officer at Fleet Mortgages, commented: “Last week, we were able to launch our first new product range fully funded by our parent, Starling Bank. This week, we are adding 80% LTV products back into our offering, with mortgages available in both our standard and limited company and LLP ranges. The new products have already received an excellent response, and we’re confident that moving back into the 80% LTV space also provides advisers with a number of new options suitable for their landlord clients.”



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connect for intermediariesIn the landscape of mortgage networks, Connect plays a pivotal role in driving the progress of mortgage expertise within its network, particularly in the context of the buy-to-let range. Our dedication goes beyond traditional mortgage offerings, as we actively support and facilitate the incorporation of specialised lending solutions tailored to the diverse needs of investors interested in the buy-to-let range.

These unique financial products encourage our advisors to initiate conversations with their clients about the potential of entering the buy-to-let property investment arena and underscore the significance of product knowledge and awareness of eligibility criteria within the broader buy-to-let range with the likes of Fleet Mortgages. We achieve this through our lender digital learning program, where participation leads to accumulating Continuous Professional Development (CDP) credits, specifically focusing on the nuances of the buy-to-let range.

Together, these initiatives provide high-quality advice and service to the client base of our advisors, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges within the buy-to-let range.

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