In the table you can see the gross commission rates paid to Connect Appointed Reps. If you would like to find out more about becoming an Appointed Rep and joining our Specialist Network click here. If you are directly authorised or an appointed rep of another network you can receive 100% of the commission for all packaged products. If you would like to access any other product for your client, we may be able to assist on an introduced basis contact us for more information.

LenderProductPackaged Commission Connect ARCommission DA/OtherNotes[attr style="font-size:50%" class="someclass"]
Buy to LetNo0.45%N/ANone
 Buy to LetNo0.4%N/ANone
Buy to LetYes0.5%0.25%None
Buy to LetYes0.5%0.375%None
Buy to LetYes0.6%0.45%None
Buy to LetNoSee NotesN/AProc fee is 50% of lenders arrangement fee
CommercialYes 0.75%0.38%None
Buy to LetNo0.42%N/ANone
Buy to LetNo0.38%N/AMax proc fee £900
Buy to LetYes0.75%0.5%None
Buy to LetNo0.37%N/AProc Fee Min: £125 Max: None
Buy to LetYes1.25%1%None
Buy to LetNo0.38%N/ANone
Buy to LetNo0.4%N/ANone
Buy to LetYes0.35%0.35%None
Buy to LetNo1%N/ANone
Buy to LetYes0.5%0.5%Proc Fee Min: £150 Max: £875
ResidentialYes0.35%0.35%Enhnaced commission paid on Family Mortgage and Offset products
Buy to LetNo0.45%N/ANone
Buy to LetYes0.5%0.4%None
Buy to LetYes1%0.75%None
Development & RefurbYes1.5%1%None
Buy to LetNo0.5%N/ANone
Buy to LetNo0.35%N/AProc Fee Min: £200 Max:£1200
CommercialNo0.5%N/ALender does not pay commission the figure shown is based on a share of a 1% Broker fee charged by Connect.
Buy to LetNo0.75%0.375%Lender does not pay commission the figure shown is based on a share of a 1% Broker fee charged by Connect.
CommercialYes1%0.75%For Connect ARs - Referb Products commission 1.25% - Referb To Term Products commission 1.5%
Buy to LetYes 0.8%0.7%None
Buy to LetNo0.5%N/ANone
Buy to LetYes0.7%0.6%None
Buy to LetYes 0.45%0.45%Enhanced 0.6% commission paid on improvement BTLs
Buy to LetNo0.45%N/AProc Fees Min: None Max: £2475
Buy to LetNo0.35%N/AProc Fee Min: £125 Max: £1500
CommercialYesSee NotesReferFor Connect ARs - Proc fee is 50% of lenders fee (Typical fee 1.5%)
Buy to LetNo0.5%N/AProc Fee Min: None Max: £1750
Buy to LetNo 0.35%N/ANone
Buy to LetNo0.41%  N/ARate switch commission 0.19%
Buy to LetNo0.35%N/ANone
Buy to LetNo0.5N/AProc Fee Min: £250 Max: None
Buy to LetNo0.4%N/AProc Fee Min: £225 Max: £5350
Buy to LetNo0.35%N/AProc Fee Min: £125 Max: None
Buy to LetNo0.45%N/ANone
CommercialYes0.75%0.5% None
Buy to LetYes0.55%0.35%Buy to Let for LTD Company
Buy to LetNo0.38%N/A None
Buy to LetYes1.7%1.25% None
Development Yes0.85%0.75% None
Buy to LetNo0.5%N/AProc Fee Min: £250 Max: None
Buy to LetYes0.5%0.4%None
Buy to LetNo0.43%N/A None
Buy to LetYes0.6%0.5%None
Second ChargeYes1.5%1.25% None
Second ChargeYes1.5%1.25%Enhanced/Reduced commission applies on certain products
Buy to LetNo0.4% N/A None
Buy to LetNo0.4% N/AEnhanced/Reduced commission applies on certain products
CommercialYes0.75%0.38% None
BTL & CommercialYes1%0.75%BTL RIO products commission 0.825%
Second Charge BTLYes1.5%1%None
Second Charge Standard & Prime Yes1%0.75%None
Second Charge Three product Yes7.5%5%None
Buy to LetNo0.45%N/A None
Buy to LetNoInsuranceInsuranceThe Source is a unique insurance sourcing tool. Connect offer our members a gross commission of 30% of the annual insurance premium.
Buy to LetNo0.39%N/A None
Buy to LetYes1.75%1.25% Proc Fee Min: None Max £5000
ResidentialYes1.25%1.25%Proc fee paid for loans up to £60K
ResidentialYes1%1%Proc fee paid for loans between £60001 to 120K
ResidentialYes0.75%0.75%Proc fee paid for loans £120001 and over
Buy to LetYes0.450.4None
Buy to LetNo0.45%N/ANone

NOTE: Connect Appointed Representatives receive 75% of the published AR commission.