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Industry Updates and Lender Criteria

More Legal and General Mortgage Club News | An Update

The Mortgage Lender (TML) have undertaken research into the impact of the pandemic on the nation’s finances and considered the effect that the last two years have had on individual’s ability to access finance in order to buy property or re-mortgage. They found that three quarters of those planning to buy a property in the next year saw their income reduce or job become more volatile.

Lendinvest Newsletter

Lendinvest Newsletter | A Sensational BTL Market Interview

There’s no denying the incredible growth of the limited company BTL market in recent years. A study by Hamptons has shown that in 2020, around 41,700 limited companies were set up by landlords for their investing, a new record.

United Trust Bank

United Trust Bank | Second Charge Rate Deductions

Please find the below update from the UTB Mortgages for Intermediaries team. Changes have been made across the entire Second Charge product range, including Major Rate Reductions, effective immediately: