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Connect for Intermediaries are proud to be one of Legal & General Club’s recommended partners.
Connect for Intermediaries have been arranging specialist and residential mortgages since 1998. We offer both packaging and referral services to give adviser’s ultimate choice when working with Connect.

What We Do…

Connect can assist with a range of specialist enquiries which include:

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We will happily discuss your client’s requirements with you to find a suitable lending solution. Additionally, we will discuss options with you, enabling you to present the best solution to your client.

If you prefer that we look after your client, click the referral service button at the bottom of the page to see the referral process.

You retain the client relationship with full support from our team. You will see case updates via our broker portal when you use our packaging services. Furthermore, you can securely upload documents and case details to the Connect team.

Procuration Fee Details

On your first case to us, we offer a reduced fee of £99 on application. Thereafter, we charge a fee of £199 on full application submission. This is after we secure a decision in principle or initial commitment to lend from the lender.

When using Connect as a packager, you will receive 100% of the broker commission detailed on the package commissions table. Connect typically does not charge any additional broker fee. However, we will advise you upfront and share this fee with you when needed.

You will receive an agreed share of these commissions if you refer a client. You will also get a share of any offer or completion fee your client pays. The adviser will recommend to your client from all of the lenders on the Connect panel, not just the lender’s Connect package.

For all advisers registered with us, we will automatically pay your commissions within 3 working days of receiving them from the provider.

How to Register With Us:

To register with Connect, please click the link and select “Legal & General Club” from the drop-down.

Registering for our online portal will enable you to submit enquiries, upload documents, and track your applications.

Moreover, you will receive an email confirming your registration with a link to our ‘Broker Toolbox’.

In the toolbox, you will find our full introducer agreement along with helpful tools and information.

Contact our dedicated helpdesk:
01708 676128