If you are Directly Authorised or an Appointed Representative of a Network other than our own, you can access and receive 100% of the commission for all packaged products shown in the table below. If you would like to access any other product for your client, we may be able to assist you on an introduced basis.

YesVIEW1%Reduced to 0.5% for loans over £500k
YesNot Availiable0.375%None
YesNot Available 0.375%Proc fee is 25% of lenders fee (Typical fee 1.5%)
YesNot Available1%None
YesVIEW 1% None
YesNot AvailableSEE NOTESProc fee is 25% of lenders fee (Typical fee 1.5%)
YesVIEW 0.375% None
YesView 0.5%  None
YesVIEW 0.5% None
YesVIEW 0.75% None

Today’s market can be a challenging place for property developers. Through our close lender relationships and expert placement advisers we can help secure the best possible development funding terms for your client.


  • Up to 70% gross development value
  • Up to 70% of land acquisition value
  • Up to 100% of build costs
  • Up to 80% of loan to cost (land acquisition cost + build cost + professional fees)
  • Terms 3 to 18 months
  • Staged payments
  • Interest can be rolled up or retained
  • Finance available for residential and commercial development
  • Finance available for conversions and refurbishments
  • Lending in England, Wales and Scotland


  • Facilities to assist with the acquisition programme as a developer expands its delivery of quality new homes.
  • Facility to fund the development in London, which has provided 228 apartments.
  • Facility to assist with the acquisition and development of 96 residential apartments and associated car parking spaces.
  • Experienced developer purchasing a 4 storey former Post Office building with planning to convert to 75 residential units and required a facility to help fund the acquisition and convert the building.


Option 1 – Use our Packaging Service

If you have the appropriate regulatory permissions we can help you access a vast range of mortgage products from lenders who are on our packaging panel.

  • You will retain the relationship with your client and be responsible for any advice.
  • Connect’s in-house administration team will process the mortgage application on your behalf.
  • On completion you will be paid 100% of the lender’s procuration fee.

Option 2 – Use our Referral Service

As our name suggests Intermediaries are at the heart of what we do and we work closely with all our lenders to try and find the best possible solution for your client. If you do not have the required permissions or would prefer for us to manage the entire process then our Referral Service is the right option for you.

  • Our adviser will happily discuss your clients requirements with you and let you know whether we can help.
  • Simply pass your client’s details on to the adviser, who will deal with them directly and be responsible for the advice.
  • The adviser will source the whole of market to try and find your client the best mortgage to match their requirements.
  • Connect’s in-house administration team will then process the mortgage application and support your client throughout the entire mortgage process right up to completion.
  • You will then be paid a great share of the case commission.


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