KM Webinar: COVID-19 One year on: The impact on the mortgage market

It’s lockdown day 365 – and I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that we’ve been living through this pandemic for a whole year. In March 2020, our worlds were turned upside down by the arrival of Covid-19: a virus that, at the time, we knew so little about, forcing us to stay at home and protect lives.

Fast forward a year and the outlook is thankfully so much brighter, with the vaccination programme and ongoing lockdown bringing case numbers down quickly – and the prospect of a summer of seeing friends and family once again bringing hope and joy after a year that has been incredibly challenging for us all.

Every industry has been affected by the pandemic differently and as part of the webinar series we’ve been hosting across the year, we wanted to take a look back at the impact it has had on the mortgage market.

Having conducted our own broker research at the beginning of the pandemic and more recently, we had some great sets of data to compare, contrast and discuss with our brilliant panel: Sarah Tucker, Founder and Managing Director at The Mortgage Mum, Lisa Martin, Group Development Director at LSL Financial Services – TMA and our New Business Director, Craig McKinlay.

Before we kicked things off, Alex Maddox, Capital Markets and Digital Director at Kensington provided an economic update and an overview of the housing market.

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Credit: Frances Taylor – Kensington Mortgages