Great news! Accord Mortgages are increasing theit maximum LTV for debt consolidation

Here’s what Accord Mortgages have got to say:

From today, we’ll consider lending up to 85% LTV for those of your clients looking for debt consolidation.

What’s changing?

We’re increasing the maximum LTV for debt consolidation to 85% LTV for your clients who are able to meet our higher credit score requirements.

When you submit a DIP, the decision returned will automatically confirm if your client is eligible for 85% LTV for debt consolidation. Where your client is not eligible, but does meet our standard credit score, they will automatically be offered 80% LTV.

What’s staying the same?

There’s no change to the maximum number of debts being consolidated (10) for both secured and unsecured debts and there is still a £50,000 debt consolidation limit for unsecured debt.

Please note

  • DIP remains as a soft footprint only
  • All other lending policy must still be met

When is this changing?

Our new criteria will be live from today.