Does your client need a large loan with a high LTV?

Kent Reliance for Intermediaries could have the answer

From home-buyers to landlords, in the current market it may be more difficult for your clients to access high worth mortgages, especially if they need a high LTV.

Whether they’re applying for a residential or buy to let mortgage, if they can’t easily prove their ability to repay significant amounts of money each month, they may not be able to get the loan amount they need. Some lenders could be particularly cautious about lending large sums at a higher LTV, even on an investment as reliable as a property.

Could Kent Reliance for Intermediaries provide the solution?

While other lenders may be less flexible on high-value properties, Kent Reliance for Intermediaries is suited to assist with these hard-to-place cases. Your local senior business development manager will work with you to understand the case requirements and the underwriting team will assess each case individually to find the best solution for your client.

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