Second Charge Loans


Second charge loans are often referred to as second mortgages, because they have secondary priority behind a main (or first charge) mortgage. They are usually used as a way to raise further money against the equity in a property, when it is not possible or preferable to increase the first mortgage. We can help you access second charge loan options on residential, Buy-to-Let and commercial properties, whilst also being able to arrange them on a long term basis e.g. 25 years or on a short term ‘bridge’ basis of say up to 12 months.

  • Market leading rates
  • Up to 95% LTV on Residential, 75% LTV on Buy-to-Let
  • Loans from £3,000
  • Interest only options
  • Adverse credit options
  • Lending in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland
  • Capital raising on Buy-to-Let properties to finance the deposit for a new property purchase.
  • Your client’s main mortgage is on interest only and they do not want to remortgage on to repayment.
  • Your client wants to avoid paying early repayment charges by remortgaging.
  • Your client does not want to lose the favourable interest rate on their existing mortgage.
  • Your client requires finance faster than can be achieved through a standard remortgage.
  • Your client wants to borrow beyond retirement age.
  • Your client has acquired some adverse credit since taking out the main mortgage and is unable to find a suitable remortgage deal.
  • Your client wants to keep the new loan separate from their main mortgage.
  • Your client’s circumstances may have changed since taking out their original mortgage and they require a lender that has more flexible criteria.
  • Your client wants to raise money to pay a tax bill

If you are Directly Authorised or an Appointed Representative of a Network other than our own, you can access and receive 100% of the commission for all packaged products shown in the table below. If you would like to access any other product for your client, we may be able to assist you on an introduced basis.


Option 1 – Use our Packaging Service

If you have the appropriate regulatory permissions, we can help you access a vast range of mortgage products from lenders who are on our packaging panel. See more information about our packaging service here

Option 2 – Use our Referral Service

If you do not have the required permissions or would prefer for us to manage the client relationship, then our Referral Service is the right option for you. See more about our referral service here

Option 3- Becoming a member of our Network

We can provide you to trade as a regulated adviser through our Network and access all our products and business support. See more about our Network here

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