Packaging Service

Why use Connect as your Packager?

We package for over 55 lenders across a full range of mortgage types such as BTL, Commercial, Bridging, Residential and Second Charges.

Whole of market Helpdesk

You can call our Helpdesk at any time to get help with placing your tricky cases, and we will look across the whole of the panel of 130 plus lenders (not just our packaging panel), to advise you who will consider your clients case.

Specialist Knowledge

We have a team of Broker Support Advisers that each specialise in their own section of the market. All day long they research and analyse lender offerings in their own specialist subject, to help advisers like you to help your clients.

Full support, but you are in control

When we Package for you, this means as well as assisting you with finding the right lending solution, we will also be processing the paperwork for you and helping you to present the application to the lender in its best possible light for success.  We will not have any direct contact with your client at all, so you will remain responsible for the advice to your client and are in control at all times.

Exclusive and Semi exclusive products and criteria

Our relationships with lenders, mean we can often offer you access to exclusive mortgage products/criteria from them that you cannot obtain by going directly. Some lenders, particularly newer lenders to the market, do not have the resources to allow all advisers to submit applications directly. Their products are distributed through companies like Connect, allowing you to still take advantage of using that lender.

Keep all the broker commission

In most cases, you will receive the same lender procuration fee that a lender would pay directly even when using Connect to package the application for you. This is because the lender pays an additional allowance to Connect to cover the cost of marketing, distributing and processing the applications on their behalf. See our commission pages for more detail about the commission payable from each lender and for each product type. We pay commissions to Advisers within 3 working days of receipt from the lender.

24/7 Case tracking

Our online case tracking tool will allow you to see how the application is progressing at any time that suits you, so you can knowledgeably update your clients.

Referral options

There may be cases where you do not have the correct Adviser permissions to be responsible for the clients advice, or due to knowledge or time constraints, you would prefer to refer the client to another Adviser to look after the client on your behalf instead. Read more about our referral service option here.

Got a deal we can help you with?

Give us a brief outline of your client enquiry and we will come back to you quickly to let you know how we can help. If you would like to speak to us immediately, call us on 01708 676 123.

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