Client Referral Service

How does the referral service work?

Connects Referral service is suited to Advisers/Introducers who do not have the correct permissions to be responsible for their clients advice, or do not have the relevant knowledge or time. Therefore, they prefer to refer the client to another Adviser to look after them.

Our specialist qualified advisers, will first discuss the clients circumstances with you so that you know if we are able to assist clients like yours and the type of deals that we are able to offer.

You will then be able to confidently recommend that your client speaks directly with the Connect Adviser, who will gather the full fact find information and make the recommendation of the most appropriate lender to the client.

We will keep you informed of the progress along the way, and when the mortgage completes we will pay you a share the of the offer fee and lenders commission.

The key benefits of this service are:
  1. You can expand your offering into product areas you are less familiar with.
  2. We are not limited to our packaging panel and can find your client the most appropriate mortgage from over 110 lenders.
  3. We process the mortgage application and support your clients throughout the application process.
  4. We keep you fully informed.
  5. You are rewarded with a competitive share of the offer fee and lenders commission.
  6. The Connect Adviser will take responsibility for the advice

We have an Introducer application form that allows us to set you up on our system, so you can track your cases and receive commission. Please register with Connect, to get access to our support ‘Tool Box’ which also contains the application form.

If you are looking at using the referral service because you do not have the appropriate regulation to provide advice, why not consider becoming a member of our Network instead?

Got a case that you would like our help with?

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