Sharon Van Loenen

Advising BTL clients on the EPC rating changes

Many advisers will know the ‘Minimum Energy Performance of Buildings Bill’ currently making its way through parliament. This is a Bill to make provision to increase the minimum energy performance of buildings and sets out that all domestic properties must have an EPC rating of at least C by 2035.

How can brokers be more Green?

Over recent years, consumers have been leaning green and now the new generation of buyers are taking green thinking into every purchase they make, including who they want to buy a property from. Although your first thought may be green mortgages, there are a lot of other ways to prove you have a green business to help secure environmentally conscious buyers.

Clients in their 60s, 70s, or 80s?

Were they turned down by high street lenders simply because of their age? At Family Building Society, they actively look for ways to help when other lenders can’t.

Update from Legal & General Mortgage Club

Read this blog from Emily Smith, Head of Marketing & Distribution at Harpenden Building Society as she looks back at the challenges that 2021 brought to brokers and homebuyers as well as looking at what 2022 holds for the market and the building society.

Update from Legal & General Mortgage Club

The Mortgage Lender (TML) have undertaken research into the impact of the pandemic on the nation’s finances and considered the effect that the last two years have had on individual’s ability to access finance in order to buy property or re-mortgage. They found that three quarters of those planning to buy a property in the next year saw their income reduce or job become more volatile.

Lendinvest Newsletter – BTL market Interview

There’s no denying the incredible growth of the limited company BTL market in recent years. A study by Hamptons has shown that in 2020, around 41,700 limited companies were set up by landlords for their investing, a new record.