Jake Syms

How has the pandemic affected the student rental market?

The ongoing debate surrounding this year’s A Level results during the coronavirus pandemic, and the impact of the pandemic itself, is creating some interesting trends in the private rental sector. As students across the country firm-up their plans for the academic year ahead, it is interesting to explore how the pandemic is affecting the market and to consider whether there will be longer-term changes to this important part of the rental sector.

Does your client need a large loan with a high LTV?

From home-buyers to landlords, in the current market it may be more difficult for your clients to access high worth mortgages, especially if they need a high LTV. 

Whether they’re applying for a residential or buy to let mortgage, if they can’t easily prove their ability to repay significant amounts of money each month, they may not be able to get the loan amount they need. Some lenders could be particularly cautious about lending large sums at a higher LTV, even on an investment as reliable as a property.

Presents Series – Volume 3 – The change in consumer behaviour

Life is beginning to grind back into gear, but it’s a different gear to the one in which we entered the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing face coverings on public transport and in shops, for example, will be part of life for quite some time and working from home will be a new reality for many.


We took the opportunity to chat to Emma Green, Head of sales at Paymentshield about their latest developments to support mortgage advisers during these uncertain times.
It’s been 3 months since the start of lockdown what are the things that have impacted on Paymentshield and the home insurance market? Well, three impacts from lockdown for me would be…

Kensington Mortgage and Property Report

In this issue, we look at how the wider mortgage market has fared through the COVID-19 crisis. We examine how new lending has been impacted and what the recovery might look like, as well as what the changes in the industry, both temporary and permanent, mean for lenders and customers and the future of the sector.

Shawbrook’s Broker Barometer Results are in!

The results from our annual Broker Barometer are here and we are encouraged by the overall positive outlook of the broker community, despite the challenges faced as a result of the pandemic.