All trading styles must be registered
As per Companies House
(Sole traders without a separate number should use their personal details)


1. Has the COMPANY ever had any of the following?


3. Existing and Authorised status


4. Business Plan

Please confirm ALL the planned business activities for this entity, and whether the business type will be transacted under the Connect approval and agencies (Sole traders need to include all the activities they do that are not done through a separate limited company or other legal entity).


Must add up to 100%


5. Permissions

Based on the expected business above, please confirm which permission categories you would like the company to be authorised for so that advisers with the relevant qualifications can receive permission to give advice on that product once they have passed their training.

Must hold the mortgage qualification and also hold Consumer Credit permission.
Must hold at least one other permission.
Must hold the ER qualification and also hold Residential Mortgages permission.
Must also hold Consumer Credit permission.
Included at no cost with any other permission taken.

The monthly cost is £50 per month for each permission for the first adviser and £25 per month for each permission for each adviser thereafter.


6. Other Financial Business

Does the company currently, or plan in the next 12 months, to conduct any of the following types of financial business outside of the Connect arrangement?


7. Other Non-Financial Business

Does the company currently, or plan in the next 12 months, to conduct any types of business of a non-regulated and non-financial nature outside of the Connect arrangement?


8. Conflicts of Interest


9. Generating Business


10. Introducers

Who do you currently, or whom do you have planned that will introduce clients to the business?


11. Business Cashflow

Please provide detail of what funds will be needed to start the business under Connect. For example, premises, staff, purchase of leads, income cashflow etc. Then confirm where you expect the funds to come from, e.g. Own or director funds, loans, existing income etc.


12. Individuals Involved in the Business

Please list everyone who works in the business including admin staff and non-advising shareholders and directors. Please list the main controller first.


13. Consultants

Please list any consultants you have for the business including any temporary or long-term consultants, business and compliance consultants and also any non-executive directors.


14. Plans for Growth

Please provide detail of any of the plans for the growth of the company.

Next 12 months:

1 to 3 years:

3 to 5 years:

5 years plus:


15. Individual Application Forms

Each individual listed above should now complete the following form depending on their role:

Role Form to Complete
The Main Controller Main Controller Application Form (MCFV1122)
A ltd company director requiring permission to advise Secondary Controller Application Form (SCFV1122)
A ltd company director not giving client advice but is involved in the management of staff or the day-to-day business running Secondary Controller Application Form (SCFV1122)
A non-advising shareholder with a higher % of shares than the main controller Secondary Controller Application Form (SCFV1122)
All other directors or shareholders not requiring permission to advise Non-Advising Controller Form (NAC1122)
All other staff requiring permission to give client advice Adviser Application Form (AAF1122)
All other staff not requiring permission to advise Administrator Application Form (ADF1122)
Consultants (Where you wish the consultant to liaise with Connect) Administrator Application Form (ADF1122)

In relation to sections 12 and 13 above, it is a contractual condition of membership that all staff in the company are registered even if they are not active in the parts of the business you plan to transact under the Connect Agencies. Please ensure all staff at the point of application are disclosed and that any new additions or changes are notified.

The company and the main controller will need to be registered and approved by the FCA before any business can commence. All secondary controllers will also be registered with the FCA. Please also note, the application fee includes the FCA fee for the company and all the controller’s applications submitted to the FCA at the same time. Should the main or secondary controller need to be submitted at a different time, the FCA will charge £250 per additional application.


16. Additional Notes


17. Main Controller Company Declaration

WARNING: This information will be used to submit your details to the FCA for authorisation. Knowingly or recklessly giving the FCA information, which is false or misleading in a material particular, may be a criminal offence (sections 398 and 400 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000). SUP 15.6.4R requires an authorised person to take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information given to the FCA and to notify the FCA immediately if materially inaccurate information has been provided. Contravention of these requirements may lead to disciplinary sanctions or other enforcement action by the Appropriate Regulator. It should not be assumed that information is known to the FCA merely because it is in the public domain or has previously been disclosed to the FCA or another regulatory body. If you are not sure whether a piece of information is relevant, please include it anyway

  • I confirm that I wish to apply for this company to be an Appointed Representative of Connect IFA Ltd. I can confirm that as the main controller of this business, I have the appropriate authorisation to make this application on behalf of the company and its personnel.
  • I confirm that this information is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that this is the case.
  • I am aware that it is a criminal offence knowingly or recklessly to give the FCA information that is false or misleading in a material particular.
  • I will notify Connect immediately if there is a significant change to the information given in the form. If I fail to do so, this may result in a delay in the application process or enforcement action by the FCA.
  • I agree to Connect IFA Ltd, making any enquiries deemed necessary to verify the information in this application. I consent to any companies or organisations that the company is, or has been, associated with to provide this information if requested.
  • I confirm that I have disclosed everyone that is involved in the business and will be supplying a relevant individual application form for myself and all other personnel disclosed.