Residential Finance


Many of today’s clients no longer fit within the mainstream requirements of mortgage lenders, therefore they require finance from a specialist mortgage provider who is prepared to be flexible and look at the merits of the case, rather than adopt a computer check list approach. Through our panel of specialist mortgage lenders and dedicated team of experts on our Mortgage Placement Help Desk, we strive to help you find the best residential finance solution available to your client.

  • Market leading rates
  • Access to Exclusive Products
  • Up to 95% LTV
  • Loans from £25,001
  • Interest only options
  • Purchase and Remortgage
  • Fixed and variable rates
  • Adverse credit options
  • Products with low fees and No ERCs
  • Lending in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • First Time Buyers
  • Gifted Deposits
  • Shared Ownership
  • Right to Buy
  • Employed and Self Employed applicants with 1 year’s accounts
  • Contractor mortgages
  • Capital Raising
  • Help to Buy finance
  • Second Charge finance
  • Expat mortgages
  • Foreign National mortgages
  • New Build flats and houses
  • Flats above commercial premises
  • Income stretches
  • High Rise Flats
  • Listed buildings
  • Non standard construction properties
  • Lending into retirement
  • Self employed applicants with only 1 years trading or accounts
  • Adverse credit problems
  • Contract workers and zero hours workers
  • Non-UK Residents
  • Older applicants needing a mortgage into retirement
  • Applicants needing assistance with income or deposit from family

Connect can help you narrow down which of the lenders will consider an applicant with these circumstances. The client may also be looking at purchasing a property with complexities such as an ex-local authority property, a flat above a commercial premise, or a listed building with land.

We also have lenders that will consider mixed use property, such as a residential house with an annex that is let, or an outbuilding used for commercial purposes.

Option 1 – Use our Packaging Service

If you have the appropriate regulatory permissions, we can help you access a vast range of mortgage products from lenders who are on our packaging panel. See more information about our packaging service here

Option 2 – Use our Referral Service

If you do not have the required permissions or would prefer for us to manage the client relationship, then our Referral Service is the right option for you. See more about our referral service here

Option 3- Becoming a member of our Network

We can provide you to trade as a regulated adviser through our Network and access all our products and business support. See more about our Network here

Are you currently struggling to find your client the right lender for their home?

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